Anyone who walks on YouTube has certainly seen one of Mr.Beast’s videos. Even if you don’t know him concretely. This is YouTuber that gives thousands and thousands of Euros to strangers for no apparent reason but to make their videos.

Well, this time, YouTuber went a little further and decided to create a puzzle for anyone who wants to enter that can guarantee you 100 thousand dollars. The equivalent of 84 thousand Euros.

How to participate in this Mr.Beast competition

There is no regulation of the hobby itself. You will simply give the 84 thousand Euros to the first person to discover this puzzle.

However, don’t expect anything easy. According to the video, YouTuber spent two months designing the puzzle and goes through 25 videos and an amount of hours watching the details of all the videos.

Mr Beast

There will be 25 tracks that you have to discover until you can win the grand prize. According to Mr.Best, you have to be seriously alert because it is not a simple task.

It should also be noted that you also have to watch for possible letters that you can see. That will be a “key word” to access the final prize and make sure you didn’t cheat.

You will compete with millions of people

Your cunning and speed will compete with millions of people. YouTuber has almost 40 million subscribers and you will certainly have more people involved in this puzzle even if you are not a channel subscriber.

The 22-year-old has already created several viral videos. In fact, if you remember a while ago YouTubers and other famous people got together to plant millions of trees. This was also a project by this young Mr.Beast.

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