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E-TWOW Booster S: the complete review 2020

We are more than ever convinced that scooters with a motor limited to 250 watts should be avoided, at least for adults. An observation that became evident as we reviewed our increasingly powerful models. The E-Twow Booster S incorporates a 575 watt (36 Volts) motor in its front wheel, which earned it the title of the most powerful scooter of the brand. It should therefore not disappoint us from this point of view.

Resource for all situations

On the road, the power of the Booster S is felt. During our reviews, despite our good size, it never really faltered. Admittedly, for those who plan to climb significant hills, it sometimes knows some limits, but for the rest it is much more vigorous than a scooter with a 250 watt motor.

During our reviews, we activated activity tracking on the Samsung Gear S3 watch. The opportunity to verify that the maximum speed indicated by the meter of the scooter is real: 30 km / h! And be aware that this maximum speed is easily reached on fairly flat terrain – or downhill of course. On our journey which links the Porte de Versailles to the Saint-Lazare station through the streets of the capital, we can note that the average speed recorded was around 20 km / h.

At such a speed, it is not uncommon to overtake, without effort but sometimes with a little apprehension, cyclists – certainly more sporty than us in this case! – on the cycle paths that cross Paris. Driving at this speed near the sidewalks indeed requires extra vigilance.

Pedestrian deviations from traffic lanes are not uncommon and, taking into account the fact that the electromagnetic braking system (energy recovery) of the Booster S is not super efficient, it is necessary to be able to to anticipate. Fortunately, the foot brake located at the rear wheel is much more effective.

Last points concerning the performance of this scooter. The first, if by chance you want to slow down the pace, is that E-Twow provides different modes to bridle the scooter from 6 km / h, then in stages: 12 km / h, 20 km / h, 25 km / h and 30 km / h. The second is that our connected watch allowed us to measure our daily journeys at around 24 km. And at the end of the day, there was still a little battery left. We are therefore not very far from the 30 to 35 km of range announced by the manufacturer. But as we say in each of our reviews, the range can really vary significantly depending on your weight and the terrain of your trip.

Powerful but also comfortable

A voluntary engine therefore, which is also coupled to other mechanical elements important for comfort and handling. Let’s start with the large 8-inch wheels (about 20 cm) which deliver very good handling, but also a start to dampen road defects.

E-Twow adds two more shock absorbers, one at the front and one at the rear, under the scooter deck. What somewhat mitigate the bumps in the road. Obviously, do not expect to ride on velvet everywhere in town. Pebbles and bumps still feel a little.

Always on the comfort side, we appreciate the presence of the LED headlight at the front which allows to illuminate the road, but also to be clearly visible to other users. This headlight can either turn on on demand by pressing a dedicated key on the on-board console, or be set to automatic mode. It is then an ambient light sensor which manages the switching on and off of the headlight.

Another important point for user safety, the Booster S incorporates a brake light at the rear which lights up as soon as the brake is applied. Too bad, it’s quite small and it doesn’t say that a driver of a car behind you pays much attention to it.


For the rest, the E-Twow Booster is a fairly pleasant model. Its handlebars can go up high enough (up to 1.16 m) so that they do not have to roll their bent back.

Its weight of 10.9 kg is also an asset to take into account. During our review days, we had to wear it to go up and down the stairs of the metro or to get on the train. And we haven’t suffered too much from this weight.

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