Techland, the studio responsible for the game Dying Light, announced on Twitter that the game’s sequel will be delayed indefinitely. Dying Light 2, which would be distributed by Square Enix, will unfortunately go on standby, much to the dislike of the fans.

Techland reported that they originally aimed for a launch in spring 2020 but will need more time. The studio claims to want to develop the game in the best possible way and execute the vision it has in mind, the priority being to deliver the best game possible.

Dying Light is an extremely popular zombie FPS, available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Nintendo Switch will not receive the original Dying Light or even the second title as Techland confirmed in 2018 that it had no plans to create a version for the handheld console.

Several studios are announcing delays for the same reasons

Dying Light 2, Iron Man VR, Marvel’s Avengers and even Cyberpunk 2077. These are some of the games whose studios have already announced the delay in the release date, with the justification of wanting to develop better aspects of the game such as graphics and gameplay.

It is speculated that this may be a marketing ploy, to create more anticipation for the games. After all, festive seasons are the most valuable time to advertise and sell new games. This speculation will be confirmed if we see releases of the games mentioned closer to the end of the year.

In addition, PlayStation 5 is on its way. Studios may well want to take advantage of the launch of the next generation console to sell bundles or promote games with new and exclusive console capabilities.

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