DxOMark will start rating audio and recording quality on mobile phones

DxOMark will start rating audio and recording quality on mobile phones

Rating firm DxOMark will expand its mobile phone testing beyond photography capabilities. DxOMark will start testing and rating the audio and recording quality of equipment, a component often overlooked when considering a mobile phone.

To this end, DxOMark claims to have built a soundproof room where its engineers can work and evaluate the recording capabilities of mobile phones. Therefore, DxOMark now tests the clarity of internal microphones in different situations. The following video shows the tools used by the platform.

Imagine recording a concert with your mobile phone: high and low volumes will surely distort the final audio. Conversely, a conversation or conference call should be able to be captured to highlight the voice of each participant. The DxOMark team will also test if your phone can reduce background noise.

Additionally, the reproducibility of a mobile phone will be tested. This is by playing music or games with the equipment's speakers, assessing the tone, clarity, range and balance of playback with various types of sound content.

DxoMark has already tested some sound equipment

Importantly, DxOMark has not yet released official ratings for the sound capabilities of mobile phones. However, the company has already started its tests and one of the best mobile phones so far is the Huawei Mate 20 X.

DxOMark also added iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max to this preliminary ranking. It is possible that the large size of the equipment mentioned may be a factor in the quality of sound capture and reproduction being above average.

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