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Instagram Threads is the new App that will bring you closer to your friends.

After finishing its first attempt to create a 'private' space for its users to share content...

Files Go – Download the official Google File Management App here

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Avengers: Infinity War. There was a joke that wasn't part of the Marvel movie

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DxOMark reviews iPhone 11 camera scores and Apple just has to thank

The DxOMark platform recently reviewed its testing protocols for smartphone cameras. In that sense, it has progressively revised some of the most influential devices on the market and the iPhone 11 was the most recent target.

With this renewed analysis, the iPhone 11 receives a much more respectable score than the previous one. Now obtaining 119 overall points, the Apple smartphone can even surpass some Android range tops launched this year.

iPhone 11 DxOMark

Take yourself as the Samsung Galaxy S20 + or OnePlus 8 Pro that fell behind Apple’s top of the range 2019. However, it should be noted that the Galaxy S20 + score still reflects the old DxOMark standards, so it is possible that soon this smartphone too see your score go up.

iPhone 11 earns 10 more points than in the first DxOMark tests

Published in January 2020, the first iPhone 11 camera scan resulted in 109 points for Apple equipment. Thanks to DxOMark’s renewed test standards, this same device sees that score rise to 119 points.

This new result was also influenced by updates to the software that American technology has made available in recent months. Small adjustments that make the camera a little better than it was when it hit the market.

That said, the iPhone 11 continues to capture images with a quality that doesn’t disappoint. We have a good preservation of details, good color reproduction and a wide angle that few can be proud of.

The video is predictably another of the strengths of this equipment, as Apple has already accustomed us. However, there is still a gelatinous effect on the recordings made while walking.

For those who already own an iPhone 11, this re-evaluation will not change your experience with the smartphone’s camera. Everything that DxOMark has evaluated is now available on your copy, however, this new score may convince aspirants to use the equipment.

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Carl Pei, founder of OnePlus, about to reveal more details about new brand and makes a giveaway

Carl Pei was co-founder of OnePlus and one of the best-known faces of the young Chinese...

Carl Pei, founder of CEO, about to reveal more details about new brand and makes a giveaway

Carl Pei was co-founder of OnePlus and one of the best-known faces of the young Chinese...

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