What is DuckDuckGo and how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics, what is DuckDuckGo. The short answer is that it is a search engine like Google’s. The long one is that, as a search engine, it does not have as much weight in terms of search volume but has managed to gain users thanks to how it treats their privacy.


Scheduled in Perl, this search engine could be considered a hybrid search engine It combines its own results with those offered by other internet sources. However, all the results are free of any type of conditioning regarding your browsing history, preferences, etc.

Where do you get the information? Well, as we said, it has its own tracker called DuckDuckBot that runs the web in search of information. Plus, It is supported by about 400 different sources to give you more results related to your query. Among them are the engines of Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, etc.

However, if it is not able to reach the reach of the Google search engine, why it is growing and why you should consider its use on some occasions or directly in your day to day. Let’s go by parts.

The Google search engine works very well, but the results it shows are conditioned by data that you generate and that by using cookies, applications, services, etc., the company is able to collect. Thus, what you will see when you search for a specific term is very likely to vary with respect to what another user would see.

This for some is not a problem but rather an advantage. But when what you find doesn’t convince you turning to DuckDuckGo can be a great idea. And it is also necessary to admit that few people pass from the second or third page of Google results. Moreover, there are few who get to see the results of the end of the first page and usually click on the first three or four.

DuckDuckGo advantages

Of course, this is not the only advantage of DuckDuckGo. Another of its values ​​is the Firefox HTTPS Everywhere plugin that force any website to offer its encrypted version HTTPS This is important for your security, especially if your browser does not do it by default. It is true that it is something unusual already, but it is good to know.

Although what most value those who use the service daily is that it does not store your search history. There is no type of record that records every word entered in your search box, the places where you clicked, etc. Yes it is true that DuckDuckGo saves searches, but does not associate them with anyone and the only purpose is to improve the engine in a completely anonymous way.

DuckDuckGo Extras

Bang DuckDuckGo

Knowing what DuckDuckGo is, what it offers and how it works, is there anything else you should know? Yes, your Bang! and the odd extra.

The Bang are a command system that allow you to use third-party services directly from DuckDuckGo and taking advantage of that protection over your privacy. Thus, by writing, for example! E or! And you are going to search on eBay or YouTube. In short, there are many terms that associate with different websites and services, so it is a matter of inquiring and staying with those that interest you most.

Then you have Privacy Essential, an extension that is available for different browsers that improves privacy when using them. We already talked about it here and it basically allows you to block trackers and control who tries to follow you or not.

DuckDuckGo iOS Android browser

Finally, whether you use iOS or Android, you can install your browser on your smartphone and enjoy all this we have told you directly. Although, you also have the option to set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in Chrome and even Safari. For the first one you can change it from the More button (three-point icon) inside the application or in Settings> Safari> Search for iOS.

In summary, DuckDuckGo is a very good search engine and a recommended option to use by default as a second option when you do not find what you are looking for or want a “clean” vision. Because if you only stay with what Google offers you, you are staying with what sometimes SEBox specialists want you to find and not what could really be useful or interesting.

As of March 1 This is going to come in handy, because Google’s latest decision is going to give it much more relevance and weight as we tell you.