DuckDuckGo Lite, a search engine focused on the important thing: the results

DuckDuckGo Lite, a search engine focused on the important thing: the results

Clean and fast, that’s DuckDuckGo Lite

DuckDuck Go has been gaining presence in recent months. We already tell you everything you need to know about DuckDuckGo. A solution that is not only interesting as a second search engine, but also as a main one. Especially if you are interested in aspects such as privacy among other features.

Well now the new lite version goes one step further with a very minimalistic interface, free of all adornment that contributes rather little, without advertising and focused on speed and results. But for you to better understand what it offers, an example.

DuckDuckGo Lite

If you do a search, what you get is a list of results one after the other without any interference. That is, you will see that the first results do not correspond to ads as in the Google search engine. What you get are results that you consider of quality according to your search and not what a company places in exchange for paying for it.

Then there is the theme of the images. There are many users who continue to click because the image is striking and not because they are sure they will find what they are looking for. So, if what really interests you is the information, everything that is not a link to the content is really dispensable.

Testing for a while DuckDuckGo Lite, another obvious advantage is that it is a extremely fast search engine. This in a computer with a fiber connection is really not something decisive, but in mobile devices it also brings advantages. By eliminating all traces of images, the load is performed more quickly and the data consumption is also reduced.

DuckDuckGo Lite vs Google

Here, facing slow connections or developing markets The proposal can be much more attractive. And knowing that it will be one of the few search engines that can be chosen in browsers such as Chrome instead of Google, even more.

Logically it is clear that if you had never given a chance to DuckDuckGo and knowing the weight of the visual today, it is complicated that you do it now. But if only for curiosity, to have it as we said as the second search engine or to see if the results really convince you, we advise you to try it. Once you click on a link everything will remain as it is, if you enter The Output you will see all our images, videos, etc.

DuckDuckGo Lite only seeks to make things easier for you and that you can focus on what matters when you perform a search: the results.


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