DualSense 5, the PS5 controller, will have a feature that will surprise everyone

DualSense 5

One of the first announcements related to PlayStation 5 was its DualSense 5 controller. In addition to a new design, this controller brings important features such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers on the L2 and R2 buttons.

But a recently discovered Sony patent reveals something even more important. According to the documents, the new DualSense 5 may be everything you need to log into your PlayStation account.

DualSense 5 wants to replace traditional passwords

Over the years we have found that passwords are not the safest method to hide our data from strangers. That is why technologies such as fingerprint sensors or facial recognition have emerged that promise to be safer.

DualSense 5

Now, Sony also wants to innovate in biometric authentication. According to the patent submitted for approval in February this year, the way players hold DualSense 5 will be sufficient to authenticate them.

For this, the controller designed for PlayStation 5 will have an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer included. These three sensors will work together to collect a series of data that will allow them to gauge who has the command in hand.

Sony believes that each person has their own way of taking charge. Apparently, the aforementioned sensors will be enough to understand if it is you or your friend who has the remote in hand and log into their account.

So, if you’re away from your console, everything you need to access your saves on your PlayStation account will be to get DualSense 5. A simple, fast and secure way to access your data anywhere.

PlayStation 5 still has no official date to hit stores

Once its design and specifications have been revealed, all that remains is to know the price and on what day it will go on sale. The only official information we have is that PlayStation 5 will arrive this holiday season.

The latest rumors point to a launch on November 20. Its price is set at 499 € for the standard version and 399 € for the digital version. But note that none of this is official.

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