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Apple TV 4 Now Released with Kodi Apple TV 4th Gen

We are pleased to able to offer the latest Apple TV Generation 4 TV Box.n A lot of people are selling this Apple Tv, but...

iTunes update breaks iFunbox-vShare alternative fix iMazing

iTunes update breaks iFunbox-vShare alternative fix iMazing vShare Sorry! Reauthorization failed? "Fix" ifunbox closing when connecting Apple device? "Fix"     We have had reports that the new iTunes...

Apple banishes Fortnite from all platforms, even for programmers!

Google and Apple are in a war against Epic Games, due to the fact that Epic...

How to contact Twitter and not go crazy trying

Contact Twitter from the help center If you try look for a direct contact method With the platform as a support phone number or email,...

Drones will be trapped with this system that destroys them with a laser (video)

Drones are increasingly accessible to the public and this can be a general problem. Even if government measures want to ban drones in certain locations, there are still those who disrespect them.

In this way, the company “Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd” created a laser that can take down any drone. Not to the point of being immobilized, but to destroy it.

Watch the video in which a laser completely destroys 3 drones

This laser has a unique capacity. While the American government works on drones with nets to catch others, Rafael’s company decided to be a little more precise with its destruction.

The laser heats the drone to the point of completely destroying it and being immobilized. This may not be the best solution for drones that hover over cities, however, it is perfect for drones that decide to stop airports. Just like in the UK a while ago.

Laser reaches drones at 3 kilometers


In the demonstration, the laser is mounted on top of a car and can shoot down 3 drones at a distance of 3 kilometers. The laser is accurate and can keep up with the rapid changes in direction that the drone may have.

It should be noted that there is still no information on the feasibility of the product and we do not think it can be sold to the general public.

Drones with good price to take into account

A drone is not a weapon, however much we sometimes want to get that message across. If you know what you are doing and comply with the law, you will be able to take enormous advantage of such a gadget. Especially if you are a lover of video or photography. So, take a look at the 7 best cheap and good drones to buy in 2020

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