EBox Latest M8 Firmware Download M8 Android 4.4, Updated 14/06/2017 Kodi 17.1

IPVanish VPNEntertainment Box Latest M8 Firmware Download. Updated on the 14/06/2017 with our version of Kodi 17.1. This is the firmware for the M8 TV box running Android 4.4. You can use this firmware to update your M8 TV. Now you do not need to have Android 5.0 or above to use one of the newest version of Kodi.   

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Latest U-M8 Firmware Download

Latest U-M8 Firmware Download, this will work on – ENY EM8 The Square one, not the round one.

If you have an M8, U-M8 TV box you can flash your device with our firmware. (fully rooted)If you have a U-M8 TV box you can flash your device with our latest M8 firmware. (All fully rooted)For an easy way to put your device into recovery mode download THIS APP and install it, this will allow you to reboot your device into recovery mode.

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Click here to download the latest software update for your M8 TV box

Latest U-M8 Firmware date of build 14/06/2017

View all Android TV box firmware’s available

Latest U-M8 Firmware Download How to Upgrade.

  1. Click the link above and download the file.
  2. Unpack the 3 files onto an SD card.
  3. Do not unpack the file
  4. Put the 3 files onto an SD card and put into the side of the M8
  5. Unplug the power from the M8 make sure it is off.
  6. At the bottom of the AV, jackhole is the reset button.
  7. Using a toothpick hold this button in. You know you have pressed it if you feel the click.
  8. Now plug in the power cord.
  9. While holding the reset button down, wait until you see the logo and you can then release the reset button.
  10. Your M8 Tv box will be now running the new update

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The EntertainmentBox Firmware Downloads utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Customer Service for guidance.We will not and can not be held responsible for incorrect use.

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Newest Release


ENY EM8 The Square one, not the round one.

Software Update
  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 5 stars
  • 100%

  • Software Update
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  • Published on:
  • Last modified: November 27, 2017


  1. Marcelino Villanueva

    Hi.. we’ve went through the process of upgrading our M8S unit with this firmware (14/6/2017). The upgrade process appeared to have gone through to the end except, now the network does not work. Both Wifi and Ethernet connections fail to work. The error we get when choosing Ethernet is “Ethernet disconnected!”. When Wi-Fi is chosen, we only see a blank list of Access Points. We’ve tried to put static IP@ but did not help.

    The network used to work before the firmware upgrade.

    Can you please advise how we can make the network connection work? Do we need a network driver on top of the upgrade?

    Our M8S unit has the following labels on the outside:
    On top: MiiBox Quad Core A9
    Bottom: OTT TV Box Android Player Model M8S

  2. Mark Henning

    Would this ROM work with my justop Ott m8, says quadpro m8 hl on top, circuit board has m8 v8_8 20150923, cpuz says its a Sony Ericsson k200, thanks 🙂

    1. EntertainmentBox

      Yes it should work on a K200.

  3. Savage Henry

    I bricked my EBox U-M8. The only way I have found that works to unbrick it is by using the USB Burning Tool to burn an S812 image file provided by JustMe ROMs. The problem then is when I try to flash your M8 firmware it won’t let me, I get the message “this package is for k200 devices this is an n200.”
    Is there any way to get it to ignore this message and force the flash through? Or do you know of or can you provide me with a proper M8 image file I could use so it gets properly set as a k200 device from the start? Thanks

    1. EntertainmentBox

      Yes, but It’s not very easy, you would need to know how to sign the package again. check online or visit our repair centre

  4. dundee_chap

    May 2017. I have an M8 box using android 4.2. Looking to upgrade the firmware. What is the latest available. Looking for android 5 so I can use kodi 17.


    After upgrading i cant turn the wifi on, its just grey. Any solutions?

    1. EntertainmentBox

      That is a common fault if the wrong firmware has been used.

  6. Geordielee79


    I have an ENY EM8 box and i purchased it from a friend and it works fine. The device boots up directly into OpenElec/Kodi 14.1 Helix With no initial boot menu. Therefore I cannot update Kodi to the latest build. I have updated the Firmware this morning and erased back to factory settings but it still goes straight into OpenElec/Kodi and is driving me nuts. Has anyone got any advice on removing the autorun or restoring the original factory default build rom as I would be extremely grateful. I have worked in IT for nearly 20 years and this is got me puzzled.


    1. EntertainmentBox

      Hi, Try to use this firmware on your M8. You will not be able to use Kodi 17 with this firmware only Kodi 16.1 or EBox MC.

  7. CodeBreaker

    Hi guys, I have a M8N box, I followed your download instruction, unzipped the files and out them onto sdcard, I pressed the reset button which is deep inside the av hole and rebooted the box, it started to do the install and then stopped showing

    Finding update package…..
    opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    E: failed to open /sdcard/ such file or directory)
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
    formatting /data…
    formatting cache…
    data wipe failed,
    formatting /cache…
    cache wipe failed

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many Thanks

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, make sure that you have formatted your SD card before transferring the files to it then attempt the flash. Even try to another SD card if it still fails,

      Thank you.

  8. Hatem Salah

    Hello I have Ott m8 box on iOS 4.4.2 is there any newer update!!

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, we have not got a higher update than 4.4 available for M8 due to its chipset however by using our firmware you will receive all of our helpful Entertainmentbox apps plus OTA updates.

      Thank you.

  9. androidbob

    I tried the update on 2 of my M8 boxes and now none will power on… no blue light… while attempting the update screen was stuck on no signal so i abandoned the process and tried again only this time when i put the power in no blue light… i have done this process (toothpick process countless times before) so i am stunted… HELP

  10. wadmixfm

    Hi there i was just wondering will there ever be an update to lollipop for the M8N as kodi 17 only works on android 5.x so i am told ????

    Lee B

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, unfortunately the Amlogic chip in the M8N does not really support the 5.1 ios but we are researching more about this and will update everyone in due time.

  11. Sorin Ge

    My OTT M8 Android box starts directly in Openelec Kodi. There is no way I could see an Android screen. Could you give me a solution? Is this firmware a solution for my box? How should I know that this firmware is compatible with my hardware? If something goes wrong, do you have any solution for unbrick? Thanks a lot.

    1. EntertainmentBox

      Yes you can flash you M8 with one of our M8 Firmwares. You will have to have a play to find one that will work on your device

  12. stejiram70

    HI I have the OTT M8 box I have did the your firmware update from your site it works for 1 hr thatn all I am getting is a blank screen with the power on, try to reflash it with the tooth pick but would not get me into the setup.
    Please help

  13. hayden.cupid

    Will it work on my m8c box?

  14. zmalach

    Can I change the boot animation to stock?

  15. williams436

    I have just updated the firmware on my M8 box and after initially rebooting properly it has died. It displayed 38 apps when it just died. The blue triangle led on the front flashes when the power is switched on but then goes out. What is in the firmware update that would kill my box. I bought my box from droidsticks in Sept 2014 so I suppose it is not covered.

  16. aaron

    Will this work on a NON-Rooted M8 box?
    Been trying to install updates ect the box just doesn’t wanna work and Im not sure how to do anything.
    This is the only tut i’ve found that’s step by step.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Aaron, this firmware will root your M8 device plus add some of our helpful apps.

      Thank you.

  17. Lee

    Hi is this firmware update for android m8 +
    Box ?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Lee, this is for the U-M8 (M8) but not the plus unfortunately. There are so many firmwares for the M8 range so check the model number underneath before attempting these upgrades to avoid hardware issues or bricking your device.

      Thank you.

  18. joe

    This worked on my M8 that had 2014 software on it. thank you for the update

    1. Entertainment Box

      Glad that worked for you Joe,
      All the best.

  19. Adam

    Is it for the m8s too

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Adam, this isn’t for the M8s so you could encounter errors like loss of wifi after a flash. We wouldn’t advise it, thanks.

  20. Andrew

    The screen wont come up now after doing this. I knew i should have listened to the comments, oh well. Adding more comments like this will probably put this tutorial even higher on google search result. DO NOT PROCEED – you’ll brick your box. but if you’re like me, you’ll probably just do it anyways 😀

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Andrew, unfortunately your device was not compatible with our firmware and this is why we advise people to attempt these firmware updates AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you have purchased your device from us and it is still within warranty then you may contact our support team for help.

      Thank you.

  21. Mike

    This just bricked my box. Thanks a lot.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello mike, sorry about this unfortunate event. We do realise that firmwares can either fix or create issues depending on how they are applied so we do advise to use our firmware at your own risk. If your device has been purchased from us and is still within the years warranty then contact our support team for further assistance.

      Thank you.

  22. singh sukhjinder

    Hi today i install new firmware on my m8 tv box.but this time my m8 tv box not working No signal can solev this problem please help me. thanks

  23. FatMatt


    Following on from my questions about which firmware to flash, I downloaded yours, installed onto a formatted SD card (actually a microSD into a SD adapter), then attempted the update. It booted to a blank screen, which I left for sometime, but without anything appearing that indicated anything was happening, I pulled the plug on it.
    I’m pretty sure that was a huge mistake, as now when I plug the power in, I get a quick flash of the blue LED (same when unplugging) and a blank screen on TV

    I’ve followed a few How-To unbrick threads but so far nothing has helped. I’ve tried ..

    1. Shorting pins 7&8 and attempting another SD card update – nothing happened at all
    2. Plugged OTG USB port to a PC, then using the flashing tool, it was recognized and I tried to flash to the probox2 img to it, but it always fails at around 4% (this was still with the pins 7&8 shorted – I didn’t need to short the OTG jumper in order for it to be recognized)

    The brief blue flash from the front light isn’t a symptom I’ve come across in my searching (most say blue light on, but blank screen) Is this the definition of Hard Bricked ?

    If you can advise on what state it’s in or how can it be brought back to life, it would be much appreciated.


    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Fatmatt, try using yor original stock firmware if you can locate it or try another M8 firmware. You seem to have firmware issues but not bricked as the correct firmware should bring it back.

      Thank you.

  24. Stu

    Hello there EntertainmentBox , my m8s box wont open netflix or movies on film box , falling your instruction saying to put three files on the SD card ,i have a choice of five , one being Droidstick M8 which I guess is the one you say not to use , I have aml_autoscript, factory update param aml ,recovery , and U_boot bin , could you enlighten me as to what three to use , thanks ,

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Stu, there are different content volumes in our firmwares so if there are 5 files in the zip folder then transfer all of them to your SD card then flash.

      Thank you.

  25. Michael Trokkoudes

    Hello there, same issue here, “cant install this package over a newer build”. I’ve never updated until the day i tried to sideload openelec. Unfortunately it wont go back to android 🙁

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, you should be able to revert to android by using this firmware if performed correctly. You have to use an SD card and it is best to format your hard drive before transferring the zip file contents to it.

      Thank you.

  26. inder

    hi any one know when i turn off my tv .its every thing is off then i have to turn the power on and off the every thing is come back how i can fix it or i have firm the box .

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Inder, you could try flashing the firmware on your device for this issue also check your HDMI cable for any defects.

      Thank you.

  27. FatMatt

    I attempted to update a M8 to your firmware but all I get is an error stating

    “cant install this package over a newer build”
    Fri May 16 over Tue Jul 22

    Booted into recovery mode, then using option Install from EXT, using a USB stick containing your firmware (which contains DroidSticks_M8_14-10- 2015)

    Can you help ?

    What should I do ?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Fattmat, you are suppoed to be using an SD card instead of a USB stick so this sounds like the problem. Also, make sure that you format the SD card before transferring the files to it.

      Thank you.

  28. FatMatt


    A friend of mine bought a square shaped U-M8 media box (looks like photo at top) from yourselves quite sometime ago which has old/non working things on it so I offered to update it for them.

    The box boots, shows a photo of your shop, then splash screen states “Finless Bob Rom 1.7”

    i your ROM dated 14/10/2015 the most current for this box or should I seek some other (ie another Finless ROM from somewhere ?)

    Any help appreciated.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Fatmatt, that is the latest firmware we have available for the M8 device but you can seek other sources for firmware if you wish.

      Thank you.

  29. Isaiah

    my m8 box is stuck on the m8 screen how can i fix it

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Isaiah, the firmware flash would fix this if successfully completed and ensure that you format your SD card before transferring the zip file contents over.
      Thank you.

  30. Steven

    Hi, I tried to update the firmware on my M8 which i purchased from yourselves in may last year, i followed all the instructions and now it wont turn back on, any ideas how i can fix this please

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Steven, you seem to have a firmware issue so I would advise checking your M8 underneath it to make sure its a M8 or M8N then re-flash your device with the correct firmware. If your device is still in the years warranty you can contact our support team.

      Good luck.

  31. Steven

    Hi, i tried to update the firmware on my M8 purchased from yourselves last May, i followed all the instructions and now my box will not turn on, any ideas on how i can get it back on?

  32. Faruk Ali

    Hi I have a UM8 purchased in 2014 nothing wrong with it only 2 things. Can’t access kodi using S77 and whilst on standby the led comes on so I have to unplug from mains to start the box. Will the firmware update sort these issues or is there any other way? Thanks

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Faruk, you need to turn your air mouse function off before entering the Kodi app then it should open fine each time. As for the standby LED, it is best to unplug your device after shutting down as normal practice then repower when in use only. The firmware update will sort out all firmware issues if any present but not power/hardware problems.


  33. derwood

    The instructions say unpack the 3 files onto a SD card, There are 5 files in the zip and my box will not start the update process. whats up with that.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Derwood, the number of files doesnt matter just make sure that you have formatted the SD card before transferring the zip contents.

      Thank you.

  34. kodi

    When the new Kodi 16 will available?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, Kodi 16 is available and you can download it from HERE.


  35. Mark Penniston

    Will this work with the M8s box? Cheers

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Mark, I wouldnt advise it as you could risk losing your WIFI drivers or worse may brick your device. Maybe try to source the stock firmware from your suppliers.

      Thank you.

  36. Dave

    How do I remove the droidstick firmware. It blocking from entering boot menus

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Dave, you would have to flash your device with a different firmware and that would overwrite your current one. Do this at your own risk, we will not be liable for any damage or malfunction to your device from these actions.

      Thank you.

  37. Mike Bowden

    Hi there, I purchased an M8 box from you last year. Every time I try to access things on the device it crashes/freezes! This forces me to unplug and load again. The problem persists. What would you suggest I do next?



    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Mike, you can try flashing your M8 with the latest firmware which should solve this issue. Crashing and freezing can be to do with internet speeds or too much data building up in your storage capacity so monitor those things.


  38. Alberto

    hello my tv box dont work, only can see the logo box in my screen, ?? help meee

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Alberto, perform a factory reset with the pin method which should put you into recovery mode and you can wipe the data from there before rebooting. Also if you do a firmware upgrade via SD card then that should solve it too. If all else fails, please contact support if you are in warranty.


  39. Aitch

    Hi there
    Please help M8 box is showing connected to wifi in settings but wont log onto browser or playstore. Any suggestion?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, maybe the distance between your router and M8 box is too far? Even though you are connected, you still need to have a strong signal. Also, try WIFI and see if you still have the same issue.


  40. Ivan Vargas

    intente pero mi equipo quedo bloqueado. desconecte e intente nuevamente pero el equipo no encendió mas. que puedo hacer?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hola, por favor dar más detalles porque no estamos muy seguros de lo que está hablando . Gracias

  41. john

    ive followed the steps, but the recovery menu doesnt load, its like the reset button doesnt work, its just stuck on mbox make your life colourful logo, any help?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello John, the MBOX M8 devices are usually like this, maybe try a different SD card and make sure you have formatted the SD card before tranferring the zip file contents to it.

    2. Entertainment Box

      Hello John, the MBOX M8 devices usually do this, almost the firmware is locked. Maybe try formatting your SD card before your transferring of the zip files. Also you could try changing the SD card that you are using.

  42. Benji

    unpack the 3 files onto a SD card.
    Do not unpack the ds-m8-ota—— file
    Put the 3 files onto a SD card and put into the side of the M8

    Please couldyouwalk me thru how to do this

    1. batman1976

      Hello Benji, you have just explained how to perform the manual U-M8 firmware, once the SD card is inserted into the M8 you need to get a matchstick or pin placed into the av socket to hold the reset button in then place your power lead in whilst still holding the pin on reset button for at least 8 seconds. Once released, your device should show a robot and automatically start being flashed with the firmware.
      Hopefully this helped,


  43. Ryan

    I have an m8 quad core box its metal one. its completely corrupt with adware (i think its ad ware or malware) even when I reboot its still corrupt . what do i need to do / download to fix the box? many thanks

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Ryan, as your device is different to our models I would advise you to contact your supplier for the correct firmware.
      Thank you for contacting us.

  44. drorid

    hi i installed the m8 v2 firmware and wifi is not working i need to go back the first install and the process fail it says “cant install this package over a newer build” what should i do ?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, you appear to have used the wrong firmware for your device as your wifi is now gone due to the wrong drivers being installed. If you have bought your device from us then please contact support for further assistance.

  45. Etienne Attard

    Hi I have my M8 box which remains flashing blue and red and the remote doesn’t respond at all can you help me?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Etienne, please email for support with your device as it seems impaired. If you are still in warranty we can assist you further,

      Thank you.

  46. Tanner

    Hi there. I am in the middle of doing the firmware update and first off I would like to say your video was very helpful and clear on what to do. I finished all that and then the box went onto the main screen with 8core mali450 blah blah but hasn’t changed in 30 minutes. Just curious on how long exactly it takes to have the blue status bar come up? I can’t press any button to get off the page or anything. Thanks guys.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, I suggest that you perform the whole process again as it may not of taken the firmware properly and double check that you are carrying out all the steps correctly. You can email support if you are still having trouble. Tip : It is good practice to format your SD card prior to flashing your device..

      Thank you.

  47. Tanner

    Hi there. I tried doing the firmware update and now it’s just stuck on the main screen. The blue bar hasn’t popped up yet so it’s stuck at the screen with 8core mali450 m8. Been about 30 minutes on this screen. How long does it usually take for It to show the status bar? I’m unable to push any buttons on the remote

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Tanner, the boot up stage should be completed within 5 mins of flashing and the remote function would work still as long as you are using the correct firmware for your device. If your device is in warranty you can contact support for further assistance.


  48. Kevin

    Hi I need your assistance, I am getting a pop up message on my box saying Google had a problem and had to close. I am not able to log into play store, what do I do to have this resolve.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Kevin, make sure that all parental blocks/restrictions are turned off. Also try logging into Playstore or Google via your internet browser to eliminate the possibilities of logging in errors.


  49. Peter trainer

    I tried to fix my T8 box Kodi that wasn’t working properly after many attempts to
    Access Kodi. ie.the blue screen with all your options ie,videos music, settings,
    +add ons,files,etc.all I kept getting was a dark screen with video,music,settings,etc
    Boxes but no smaller add on, file,type boxes in frustration I uninstalled the large
    Kodi box on my home page thinking I could re-install it to fix the fault is it possible?
    prior to all this I did try to re-factory set it many times without success HELP!!!

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Peter, this can be easily resolved… simply click here to download Kodi for android and click here for advice on how to get the most out of Kodi.
      This is a link for instructions to perform a factory reset on a range of our devices.

      Thank you.

  50. Peter trainer

    I was given a T8 box as gift from my son as I watch a lot of TV ,the Kodi box on the home screen
    That you click to access the blue screen with your options for add ons etc failed to connect
    Properly l was getting the main boxes (video music settings etc) but the small boxes attached
    To the larger boxes were empty i.e. no add ons , files, etc and the background was black not the
    Normal blue,I’ve tried re-factory setting the box to no my frustration I un-installed the
    Large Kodi box on my home page (thinking I could re- install it ) but I can’t ,
    IS All LOST

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Peter, the issues you are experiencing could of been be easily rectified by clearing the data in your Kodi and downloading the wizard again but since you have uninstalled Kodi you can re-download it by clicking here . If you are still having trouble setting up your wizard you could try contacting their developer for support as we only specialise in our hardware.

      Thank you.

  51. Jason

    Hi, when I purchased my box I was told that I would get life time updates of XBMC. I updated my firmware and now have Kodi. This is fine but what has happened to “droidsticks” ad-ons? Please advise.

  52. Gavin

    Hi I have an m8s android box and I have been having major problems with it not loading sources for anything I select and when it does it buffers all the time and never actually loads what I want. I’ve tried hooking it up via wifi and through ethernet and still the same problems. I updated Kodi to the latest version and that didn’t help anything, clearing the cache doesnt help either. I watched your video for installing firmware from the reset but I have no means of getting the program onto a sd card. Would using a external HD via usb work just as well or can it only be installed via the sd card?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Hi Gavin, you will need to use a SD card to do a firmware update, you could download the files from a PC and move the files onto an external SD card. then put the sd card into the M8s.

  53. james

    under my m8 OTT tv box says m8 ? but on settings it says m8n so where do I go from here

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Hi James, follow the instructions on the Firmware update page.

  54. james

    I have a m8 OTT tv box. on the box says m8 but in settings on my box it says m8n
    so where do I go from here

  55. Party Marti

    I have tried to do a firmware update and the blue light now doesn’t come on and i just get a black screen. I didn’t see the box try to update or the Green android come up with the load bar underneath him. Any idea what could be wrong with it? Thanks

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      You could try to use the M8N firmware

  56. P Williams

    Spot on …clear easy instructions for firmware update thank you…and handy little recovery boot apk thanks very much!

  57. joe

    I like it this firmware v2m8 work for uno iptve app one more thank again

  58. Matt

    Hi.. Is there anyway I can play Iflix and Netflix from M8? Where can I download it?
    I’ve tried download from Google Play but both is not compatible with this device..

    Pls help… The main reason I bought this device is to watch Iflix on my TV. :”(

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Your device should have a working Netflix app if you have purchased from us.
      Have you tried to do a firmware update?

  59. rohit

    hi to copy and paste the three files to an sd its asking for a password please advise

  60. david

    Xmbc is gone after the new update???

    1. PaigeJ

      XBMC has been replaced with Kodi please look for “Kodi” not XBMC

  61. John

    How do I know if its UM8 or UM8 V2 and can it be installed from a USB stick instead of sd card

    Regards John

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Try the UM8 Firmware first if that did not work then try the UM8 V2. Also you need a SD card

  62. Nick

    hi guys does this version support OTA updates?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      No sorry not at the moment.

  63. Ian


    There are no onscreen soft keys showing at the bottom of the screen (back button, home button etc) on this build, is there any way to activate them? All the apps on the play store that I have tried to do this don’t work.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      If you watch THIS video at about 3:23 it shows you how to change the display options.

  64. Miro

    Hi I try do exactly like video and when I press reboot show I have no permission I have m8 box thanks

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Could you explain what your issue is a little bit clearer?

  65. malcolm shortland

    I extremely disappointed in the recent non help from your usual level of post sales help . Is it because I mentioned my warranty for my 99 pound M8 BOX is now expired in August or that I am “beyond” help.. {I can have no argument with that). There seems to be a very great problem with the restoration of this box for many people and I did get a more knowledgeable friend to have a go at reflashing firmware after a factory reset that I did., wiped every thing and now can only get the little guy “wiping’,Y our man said look for help on you tube videos but I dont see anywhere that says how to download/upload flash files onto an sd card. As I have said many times that I have had more than my moniesworth in pleasure from my tv box ,and no wonder they are a great success and changed our tv entertainment forever. I need the firmware onto my sd card to restore my box after I guess a total wipeout of firmware or is it broken beyond repair, Well look Ihave just seen the insert above ??? perhaps that will work . Many thanks Malcolm HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR…

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Hello, I’m sorry for the issues you have encountered. We answer all queries regardless of whether an item is in warranty or not.

      Our options are limited as we are unable to offer an exchange, refund or reload of software.

      We can offer support in how to restore your device (for you to do).

      Recommended: Firmware upgrade using the firmware from THIS page

  66. Georgia

    Hello, i just got the above firmware on my M8 S802 and the last firmware was on July 2014. Mine android tv box couldnt get to recovery through the apk but only manual but still was piece of cake!
    I loaded the firmware and everything is fine. I can say that is a bit more responsive and kodi isnt freezing at all as before. I didnt tried much as i flashed 3 hours ago.
    The only thing that i checked and it doesnt work was USTVNOW, it’s pitty because i would love to have it.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      USTVNOW is an App, try to download the latest version from the wookie app store.

  67. John Lovell

    Hi there can you advise please if the m8 firmware update is suitable for a
    M8 S802 Quad core mali 4.4.2
    build KOT49H. 20150604 TEST KEYS, Thanks in advance

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      There are so many different M8 units built from many factory’s its imposable for us to be able to know if I will work on your M8 or not. If your device is working don’t try to upgrade your FW. If you need to recover your device you could try this FW or a different M8 firmware until you find one that works.

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