DroidSticks Latest RK3188 Q7 Firmware Download


Latest RK3188 Q7 Firmware Download

This is the Latest RK3188 / Q7 Firmware Download page.Flashing Latest  RK3188/ Q7 Firmware units are not easy if you don’t know how to do it, and it can be very frustrating getting windows to recognize the Rockchip drivers needed to flash your device.First, you’re going to need the Rockchip drivers and flashing tool that you can download HERE

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“Download link” Get the latest software update for your RK3188 / Q7

Latest RK3188/ Q7 Firmware Date of Build 19/05/2016

View all Android TV box firmware’s available

Please note this is for the Q7 Rk3188 no other model if you look at the bottom of the device you should see “MODEL Q7″LATEST RK3188 / Q7 FIRMWARE DOWNLOADIf you use this on any other model you will lose your WiFi and only be able to connect your device to the internet with an Ethernet cable.Once you have downloaded the firmware and flash tool you’re ready to start.Please see THIS POST first on how to install the drivers for Rockchip.Then see THIS POST on how to Flash your device with the Firmware flash tool.

RK3188 Q7 Android TV Box Review 

DISCLAIMERThe EntertainmentBox Firmware Downloads utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Customer Service for guidance.We will not and can not be held responsible for incorrect use.

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Newest Release


Latest RK3188 / Q7 Firmware

Software Update
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  • Last modified: November 27, 2017


  1. mikegi

    hi guys – poking around online i found that RK3188 chipsets are able to boot Android 5.* now. Wondering if you can get an image out with Lollipop on the Q7.

    1. EntertainmentBox

      Thanks, we will look into it.

  2. Douglas Clark

    I have read all the above and have done Firmware installs in the past with help from Entertainment Box.

    Can anyone advise on how I get past the “Red Light” which I believe means it’s bricked?


  3. Xavichus Lopez El Lukas

    Happy New test eveyone
    I have problems with vídeos from YouTube And youtube Kies dime vídeos sobre playing netwok error, dame vídeos online other Android decides Doris find, any suggest?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, we have not heard of any problems with youtube? Try using the internet browser to stream youtube and if that works you should update your youtube app then try to stream.

      Thank you.

  4. milanrik

    Is there any chance we get lollipop on this box, kitkat is too old today

    1. EntertainmentBox

      No sorry they do not support anything above 4.4

  5. baloone

    for some reason the video on youtube not playing. in Chinese firmware the video on youtube played as no problem. please you can fixit?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, Youtube is playing fine on our Q7 devices and if you are experiencing problems playing media try reinstalling youtube from the play store.

      Thank you.

  6. karimtba

    I keep getting the error ” check chip fail” any suggestions?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, this error message indicates that the chip is wrong so you need to check your chip/device before attempting to upgrade your firmware again.


  7. Paweł Janusz

    Are there any chances of running the OTA update for the Q7 ?

    1. EntertainmentBox

      No sorry.

  8. Alex1989

    Where can I see changelog?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, there isn’t a changelog for the Q7.

      Thank you.

  9. giuseppe.bitonti

    the firmware download link is broken (build 19/05/2016).


    1. EntertainmentBox

      Hi, it should be fixed now.

  10. baloone

    passthrough in spdif work? multi channels

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, we havent tested it but there shouldn’t be any problems.

      Thank you.

  11. hazdil

    firmware link is dead?? cant seem to download….I have a problem with my rk3188 box after factory reset it when booting it only shows the android logo n does nothing at all….can u help me?? did i brick my android box??

    1. Liam

      Hi hazdil, i have just tested the link for the download & its working, it may have been down when you tried it earlier.

  12. Zak710

    Hi, I am not able to run any VPN connection on my Q7 box, please advice.

    I have the latest firmware (Date of Build 19/05/2016)

    Thank you,

    1. Liam

      Hi Zak, not sure how you are trying to install the VPN software, if its on your device, pc or router. Best way i’ve found is to install on the device you want to use it on, in this case your Q7 Box.
      There are many VPN’s which work really well with the Android OS, PIA(Private Internet Access) is 1 of the more popular VPN’s that i know of, a quick google search for them will give you more info.

  13. fiekje

    I have installed the ROM and ik works fine! Kudos for the makers!

    However there is one small thing. On each reboot the Mac address of the ethernet connection changes. I use ip address reservations in my modem. Is there maybe a remedy for this?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, with regards to getting a set mac address on this firmware would not be possible unfortunately. At least it has got your device back up and running now,

      Thank you.

  14. browney

    Links still dead.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello browney, I have just double checked again and the link is fine. Try to refresh your page then click the link.

      Thank you

  15. browney

    Link dead?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Browney, we have just refreshed all of our servers so it will be ok now.

      Thank you.

  16. pero


    is there any chance that we get android 5.0 or higher in future for this device

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, we may release it in times to come but not at the moment.

      Thank you.

  17. fiekje

    thnx the link worked…

  18. fiekje

    Hi all,

    I am new on this forum and I want to try the entertainment box rom for my q7 android box. Unfortenately the firmware link doesn’t work.

  19. Jees

    This drivers work win 7 fine.Cant work win 10. Firmware is good.Ty.

  20. Terrandroid

    What android version is this?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, this is 4.4 kit-kat. Thank you for your query.

  21. Liridon

    the link for downloading the firmware i’ts not working, or either its down. Please fix it.
    This is what I’m getting everytime I am trying to download it: ” Sorry, something went wrong
    Sorry, you cannot access this document. Please contact the person who shared it with you.

    Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
    Correlation ID: 48426f9d-90bb-3000-09c1-44713d2cfd31

    Date and Time: 4/4/2016 8:50:20 AM”

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Liridon, we had some server issues but they have been rectified now. Simply refresh the page then click the download again.

      Thank you.

  22. Ashim

    hi entertainment!! i have rk3188-T tv box.. its doesnot go to recovery mode and at startup after android logo it goes flashing. i dont what is the problem. can you help me ?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Ashim, that sounds like it could be a firmware issue or a HDMI problem. Follow the instructions carefully on flashing the firmware to this device and that should do it but you can contact support if you are still in warranty.


  23. mongaco

    Do you know is this firmware works with model MK903-IV? This model use an RK3188 chip.


    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Hi Mongaco, I don’t think so sorry.

  24. Scott Redigonda

    Is there a reason the VPN networking does not work in your rom/firmware?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, yes it does work on our devices so maybe try using a few different apps that provide VPN networking.


  25. ciro

    Dear do not know if you can help me. I have a device like that shown in the post processor Rockchip 3188T that crashed. In practice, power locks with red LED on. I tried to flash a new firmware with RKBATCH but the button that identifies the device is blue and not green. Appears the device written in MUSKROM mode. Can you help me in some way. Thank you and greetings

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Ciro, the RK3188 has over 30 different varieties of motherboards inside them so I suspect that your device is not for this software/firmware (hence the blue indication rather than green). If you cannot get your device back up and running maybe you could upgrade to this CLICK HERE


  26. dae

    hi there ive just flashed a old q7 box i was given and now theres no wifi is there a fix for this as ive clicked on wifi on but nothing?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Dae, your device is probably not the correct model for our firmware and the loss of wifi use after the flash shows this. There are about 30 different types of rk3188/q7 so it is important to have the right firmware.

  27. John

    for some reason one day all the videos on Youtube app stopped working.
    Tried 3 Firmware version from this site, including the latest. Please fix.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello John, not sure why that would happen suddenly but it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue?… Youtube is an application so it may need updating or resetting. You could even try re-installing Youtube.

      Thank you.

  28. Maciek

    Hi guys.
    I changed „Dalvika” to „ART” at my Q& android box and it doesn’t start.
    I see the sign of android on my tv screen, but it doesn’t go further.
    Is there any option to make it work back again?
    please help me guys.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Maciek, you can try to rectify this by using our Q7 firmware at your own risk if you are not still in warranty.

      I hope this helps you.

  29. Rev Tom

    You need to use a keyboard of some kind. I have the Rii. Once you get the green android guy, just press the volume up button on the keyboard. That gets you in.

  30. ben

    the link is dead indeed

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Ben, please specify what link you are referring to as dead.

      Thank you.

  31. Steve h

    Is q7v the same firmware

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hi, the Q7 firmware is specifically for the ones we distribute. There are so many different types of Q7 out there so it is important that you are using the correct ones so you should contact your supplier and/or locate the correct firmware for that Q7v .

      Thank you.

  32. fredmachado

    Is this a 1080p firmware?
    I mean, if i install this firmware and run Kodi ( xbmc ) , kodi will show me on your system tab the resolution 1920x1080p instead od 1280x720p ?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Yes I belave it will be 1920p x 1080p in Kodi settings

  33. Adam

    There’s no sticker underneath my box to know if it’s a Q7. Is there is a different way to find it?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Hi Adam,
      No sorry there is no way of knowing what device you have there. you could try this firmware on your device. If its not the correct device then you will lose your WIFI and Bluetooth. But your Ethernet port will still work.

  34. Barry Hislop

    The Device is identical to yours show in image except the bottom plate that says C7 is not there. this was a new to the market device 2years ago 4gb ram 4 gb nand 4.4.2 kitkat os. thank you.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Okay, you could Try the Firmware it could work on your device. (good luck)

  35. Barry Hislop

    I bough an android box on ebay from a trusted seller about 2 years ago it has given me good service until recently. The purchase was complicated as I live in spain and the seller was in London . In the end when I ordered the seller was waiting for stock and offered to ship directly from the manufacturer in Hong Kong . Chowhe FEYUDA(hk) freight agency co. ltd.
    For whatever reason the box is not receiving download data because according to ookla we only receive 0.39mbps when throughout the house we get 12-15mbps wifi. Is there anything I can do or is it a new box?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      It sounds like your device could have come to the end of its life, you could search for the correct firmware that could help. But it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  36. EntertainmentBox Post author

    Hi Azroach, Yes its the latest Rom (we are still testing OTA on this unit so the update showing is not linked to a download yet)

  37. Chen

    Hello, I have a probrem with some app in Q7 box.
    It’s kind of streaming app, It can be stream well but I can’t watch it in Full Screen. I tried to click on full screen icon in the app but It didn’t work.
    Now I have interest in firmware upgrading because I think It may be solve this problem. But I’m not sure. Can you test it for me in your new firmware?

    Sorry for my poor English.
    Thank you.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Its not the firmware its the app you are using. even if you changed the firmware the app will stiil only open up to a mobile size. what you can do is download a full screen app from the play store, this will allow you to override the output screen size for the app

  38. Salvatore

    Yes, I have tried all resolutions in the settings 🙁

  39. Salvatore

    Hi, I have a problem with the Q7 Box TV. (I use the firmware in this page). One day I tried to plug in my box to an old CRT TV, and it worked. Now the problem is that it works only on TV fullhd and it does not work in the other 2 television hd ready. I also tried the hard reset as shown in your video on youtube but nothing. Is there any solution? Some upgrading of rom? thank you

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Have you changed the display settings?
      Settings /Display
      Now change the output to 720p or test them until you find one that works on your other TVs

  40. Masood Sharif

    Hi, how do I put it in Recovery Mode? There are no Volume Buttons on it like on tablets. Mine is an RK3188 set top box.

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      Look at the bottom of your RK3188, it will have a little push button you hold in to put this device into recovery

  41. Steven Brown

    Seem that the firmware link is dead?

    1. EntertainmentBox Post author

      No its working here. try THIS direct link

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