Home Automobiles Driver of a Tesla Model 3 implants the arm with the 'key' of the car!

Driver of a Tesla Model 3 implants the arm with the 'key' of the car!

Driver of a Tesla Model 3 implants the arm with the 'key' of the car!

Tesla cars continue to grow in popularity and customer numbers. Among the many technological advances implemented by the manufacturer, the Tesla Model 3 allows users to open the car and start the engine with a key card or via the mobile App.

However, Amie DD, a game developer and developer, has decided to perform an intra-skin implant with the chip that allows her to open her Tesla Model 3. This way you won't need to 'load' the card from side to side. another, or risk losing it.

A 'simple' but certainly painful process!

To accomplish this small biohack project, Amie had to put the Tesla keycard in an acetone container and wait until she could remove the RFID chip. Then you just had to put the chip in a biopolymer so that you could perform the implant.

Obviously, the last step of this project was performed by a professional who specializes in body changes. Using a hollow needle, the specialist injected the biopolymer with the RFID chip into his right arm. You can see part of the process in the video posted by Amie DD.

Unfortunately, the video does not show the implant in operation. So there is still no way of knowing if this biohack really worked. However, there do not seem to be any big reasons why it might not have been successful.

This wasn't the first time Amie had done a biohack project

A few years ago, Amie had already implanted an RFID chip in her left hand. Basically, the developer reveals that the features of the chip are for accessibility only. For example, it says that when you pick up a compatible smartphone, the chip automatically opens your website in the smartphone browser.

Another feature that was highlighted was the compatibility with your home door. That is, Amie does not need to spend hours of her life looking for house keys, as it is literally in your hand.

Unfortunately, it was unable to collect Tesla keycard information, thanks to the security methods implemented by the brand. So it decided to use Tesla's own chip, and perform a second implant.

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