Home Gaming Drive like a pro with the new Logitech G923 steering wheel

Drive like a pro with the new Logitech G923 steering wheel

Drive like a pro with the new Logitech G923 steering wheel

The best racing games with steering wheel

Racing simulators are a type of game that is much more enjoyable when done alongside a specifically designed steering wheel. That is something that any fan will share with us and will even go further saying that, to finish off the task, there is nothing better than accompanying him with some pedals and, if possible, one of those armchairs that allow you to enjoy the experience as if you were sitting right in the vehicle itself.

Well, choosing the chair will have to take care of you, but Logitech already did the steering wheel and pedals. The manufacturer has released a new model called Logitech G923 with TRUEFORCE technology. Available in two versions, one compatible with PC and Xbox consoles, also with the future Xbox Series X; and another for Sony PlayStation consoles.

What stands out about this new steering wheel is the TRUEFORCE technology which, according to the brand, they say will be able to offer a much more realistic experience behind the wheel thanks to that ability to simulate real details that race drivers feel. Logically there will be differences, because your sitting body will not generate the same movements as going at full speed in a racing car, but what are the sensations with your hands behind the wheel affirm that it does.

Through the direct connection to the game engineThis Logitech steering wheel claims to be capable of transmitting aspects such as engine roar, tire traction, track terrain, and the steering wheel's own vibrations. It sounds too good, so it will have to be tested to say if it is indeed so or not, but it is clear that in recent years this type of accessory has been improving considerably.

On the Logitech page there is a list of games compatible with both the new TRUEFORCE technology, for now only in Assetto Corsa Competizione and GRID (2019) and Gran Turismo Sport (PS4), as well as other options such as the dual-clutch function.

With a very sporty design, according to the type of games for which it is intended and with a very good quality in construction (many would already like the steering wheel of their real car to be similar to this), the highlights of this steering wheel They are:

  • Programmable dual-clutch controls
  • LED lights to indicate RPM revolutions
  • Progressive brake pedals
  • 24-point jog wheel to adjust aspects like traction, stopping, stability, braking force and much more
  • Incorporating controls on the wheel both Xbox and Playstation with their respective spreaders and keypads

Logitech G923, price and availability

As you can see in the images, the new steering wheel of Logitech G923 It is quite striking. If it fulfills all that it promises, it is obvious to think that it will end up being the object of desire of all racing game lovers. Of course, its price, like that of other similar proposals, will not be cheap. The recommended retail price is 399.99 euros and it will be available from this same August.

So, if you were thinking of getting one for your current PC and consoles, or if you were considering the possibility of future releases of the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, here you have a good option. If you add a good television to enjoy video games to the fullest, the experience can be unique.


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