Dragon Type Is Returning to the Pokémon Trading Card Game

V-Union cards are powerful Pokemon that can’t be contained on one card

It’s safe to assume that you are familiar with V-Union cards. These are powerful Pokemon that can’t be contained on one card. We can’t have a brand new card type without the mascot from the franchise getting one. Pikachu’s V-Union, however, is quite unique. It’s not just one Pokemon… it’s 25.

Pikachu V-UNION

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How to play Pokemon V-UNION

Each game, take 4 V-UNIONs from your discard pile and combine them with your Mewtwo V to make one Mewtwo V.

V-UNION rule – Your opponent gets 3 Prize cards if your Pokemon V-UNION has been knocked out.

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Yup! 25 Pikachu have been created to celebrate the 25th anniversary Pokemon. Coolest thing about each Pikachu is the fact that it has been illustrated by a different artist. Who are they? And which Pikachu did you contribute to them? These are their stories!

Yuu Nishida

Yuu Nishida won the 2018 Illustration Grand Prix. This contest gives undiscovered artists the chance to have their work made into a Pokemon card. Y. This stunning Gardevoir piece was created by Y?

Mitsuhiro Arita

Mitsuhiro is a freelance illustrator and has been creating artwork for the Pokemon Trading Card Game from its inception. He has provided artwork for many other trading and collectible cards games, including Pokemon.

Blastoise & Piplup GX, Dark Houndoom, Team Rocket Returns and Espeon & Deoxys GX are some of his contributions to Pokemon TCG.

Kawaguchi “Kawayoo” Yoohei

Kawaguchi Yoohei, a freelance digital illustrator and card artist, has been creating cards since the Rising Rivals expansion. He is known as “Kawayoo”.

Youhei’s style, which is often very unique, features many dense details and extremes in perspective.

Kouichi Ooyama

Kouichi is most well-known for being the original game designer of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. He has also worked on Pokemon Duel. In the Pokemon Trading Card Game videogame, he is actually a Pokemon Card researcher, Dr. Ooyama (Dr. Mason). His work is credited under “OOYAMA.”

Ooyama has made many contributions to the card game, including Hypno from SM Base Set and Wailord from Guardians Rising.


Since Legendary Treasures, kirisAki has been drawing for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. They’re also responsible for many of your favorite Supporter card designs.

Their most notable works include Glaceon VMAX (alt-art) from Evolving Skies and Magneton from Forbidden light.


Like kirisAki there is not much known about the artist who goes under the name of sowsow. Other than the fact that they have contributed to Pokemon Trading Card Game since 2018.

Alt-art Espeon V, Promo Bunnelby and Dragonair from Unified Minds are some of their most well-known works.

Ryota Murayama

Since 2014, Ryota Murayama has been the illustrator for Pokemon Trading Card Game.

A few of his beautiful cards include the Promo Version of Reshiram & Charizard GX and Galarian Sirfetch'd from Darkness Ablaze.

Kouki Saitou

Kouki Saitou is the illustrator of Pokemon cards. He has been credited on hundreds cards that show his evolving (heh!) style.

His most famous cards include Charizard from Skyridge and Grimmsnarl: Shiny Vault.

Naoki Saito

Naoki Saito, like kirisAki seems to be a specialist in full-art supporter card design. He is a well-known figure with a YouTube channel, where he teaches viewers how to illustrate, which is different from kirisAki. Since the 2000s, he has been illustrating Pokemon TCG cards.

His most well-known pieces include the full-art Lillie of Ultra Prism, Entei From Ancient Origins and the Drizzile everyone’s playing.

Taira Akitsu

Taira Akitsu started drawing for the Pokemon TCG in the Sword and Shield Base Set. Not much information is available about them. Their work has received a lot attention, even though it is not known how old they are.

They have the Sword & Shield promo card of Hydreigon, Alt-art Sylveon from Evolving Skies and Victini in Champion’s Path.

Hitoshi Ariga

Hitoshi Ariga isn’t only an illustrator of Pokemon, he also designed many of them, including the Inkay-Honedge evolution lines. Since 2011, he has been an illustrator for the Pokemon TCG. He also plays a major role in the Megaman franchise’s design efforts since the mid-1990s.

He may be familiar to you from his work on the three versions of Welder and Lucario from Fates Collide.


AKIRA EGAWA, a freelance illustrator and character design specialist, has been working on the Pokemon Trading Card Game ever since Unified Minds.

They have contributed artwork to cards like Blaziken VMAX in Chilling Reign, Umbreon VIX from Evolving Skies and Coalossal in Battle Styles.

Naoyo Kimura

Naoyo Kimura has contributed his illustration style to at least one card of every Pokemon TCG expansion after Primal Clash.

He has illustrated many cards, including Umbreon from Neo Discovery and Espeon, from Majestic Dawn, as well as Aerodactyl, from Dark Explorers.

Tomokazu Komiya

Because of his loosely colored and slightly deformed images, Tomokazu Komiya is well-known in the Pokemon community.

Sanosuke Sakuma

Sanosuke Sakuma, a freelance illustrator, began creating art in 2013 for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Her artwork is filled with adorable characters and creates a warm environment.

Her style is soft and rounded, as can be seen in cards such as Raichu from Furious Fists, Larvitar, Darkness Ablaze and Jirachi, Vivid Voltage.

Jiro Sasumo

Jiro Sasumo only has illustrated one other Pokemon card, Pikachu V-Union. The team won the second Grand Prix illustration contest in 2019 and had their piece made into a promotional card that has been published only in Japan.

Narumi Sato

Narumi Sato, another newcomer to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, has been an artist on it since Shining Fates.

Their work includes Marowak from Battle Styles and a Sword and Shield promo by Snorlax. Manaphy comes from Shining Fates.


Shibuzoh is an illustrator for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. He has been drawing since Generations beginning with Clefairy.

Clefairy, an alt-art version Mega Lopunny & Jigglypuff GX and a promo version Gengar from their Sword & Shield Base Set are some of their most notable works.


sui is a freelance digital artist who has created illustrations for the Pokemon Trading Card Game ever since the Arceus expansion.

Over the years they’ve created some delicious art, including Yveltal (Unified Minds), a promo version Mewtwo & Mew GX and Galarian Rapidash IV from Chilling Reign.

Miki Tanaka

Miki Tanaka is an illustrator for Pokemon Trading Card Game. There’s not much else to know about them. They are apparently Egoraptor's favorite Pokemon artist due to their flat, simple style.

.Saya Tsuruta

Saya Tsuruta, a former Game Freak employee, contributed graphics and design for several Pokemon games such as HeartGold and SoulSilver and Black and White. She is also responsible for designing the Fletchling, Goomy and other evolution lines.

You may still see her freelance illustrations for the Pokemon card game – you might have seen her Galarian Ponyta and Pikachu cards.

Atsuko Nishida

Atsuko Nishida, a character designer for Pikachu! One of her favorite images of Pikachu was a tall, daifuku rice confection with ears. She also designed Eevee, each of its evolutions and illustrated hundreds of Pokemon cards from the beginning to the latest.

Some of her many, many projects include a McDonald’s promotion of Eevee, Light Dragonite (Neo Destiny), and Snorlax (Vivid Voltage).

Kagemaru Himeno

Kagemaru Himeno is an illustrator and writer who has contributed material to Pokemon’s early years.

She has over 600 cards illustrations to her credit. Her most well-known cards are Flareon from Jungle and Dark Gyarados from Team Rocket. And, more recently, Phoebe of Battle Styles.

Masakazu Fukuda

Masakazu Fukuda is the illustrator of hundreds of Pokemon cards and cards for other games, such as Shin Megami Tensei or OG Crusade. He is perhaps best known for being the artist behind every Pokemon Star card.

5ban Graphics

5ban Graphics is the last group of artists to have contributed. They have illustrated over 1000 cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Each Pikachu is unique and it was amazing to see all the artists contribute to one card. Are you able to identify which artist created your favorite card.

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