Dragon Ball Super: Tomorrow's Episode Will Mark Goku Forever

Dragon Ball Super. There are already titles referring to episodes 128 and 129!
Goku Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament
Goku's new form is about to appear in the Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament

There is something that Dragon Ball Super fans can't expect much more from. Of course, Goku's transformation into the Power Tournament. Its new form is as incredible as it is unimaginable and will surely leave viewers incredulous for several days.

From here, be careful about the possible spoilers from episode 111 Dragon Ball Super, which may appear in the meantime throughout the article.

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With the hour-long special episode happening tomorrow, what has been said for months may finally be revealed, that is, Goku's new transformation.

However, according to some Twitter reports, the main character of one of the most famous anime ever will not be able to reach her new form as easily as that. That way you'll have a hard time getting it, no doubt.

What will happen is that in the most epic battle, until you see it, in Dragon Ball Super and his Power Tournament, Goku will come out as a clear loser to Jiren's strength. And that's what will make Sayian muster strength, and anger, to unfold all this.

Goku will turn into Dragon Ball Super again … but this one will be different …

Theoretically, your new transformation will be the effect of the training Whis once gave you. And from there, Goku will be comparable to Beerus, the God of Destruction of the 7th Universe, to whom the anime's protagonist still stood behind in fighting ability.

However, Goku's new form will last less time than one might expect, at least for now. Consequently, sometime in the following episodes of Dragon Ball Super, the strongest warrior in Universe 7 will eventually use this power again, against Jiren of course.

So, let's wait for the next episode, one of the most interesting and longest to date. Surely it will be worth watching approximately 60 minutes of pure fun and adrenaline.

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