Dragon Ball Super may have a new God of Destruction (spoilers)!

Dragon Ball Super may have a new God of Destruction (spoilers)!
Dragon Ball Super Goku Vegeta
Gohan's Team for the Dragon Ball Super Power Tournament

An episode of Dragon Ball Super is yet to be seen in 2017, but that is not why the anime of Goku and Vegeta will be less enthusiastic next year.

In fact, a fresh leak of information has revealed that episode 125 will focus on a character known before the start of the Power Tournament has even begun and whose relevance will be even greater than one might imagine. Beware of spoilers that follow.

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Now who is this affront anyway? Toppo. The warrior of Universe 11 is much more than a "second line," as Vegeta called it another day. After all, according to the rumors, Toppo would be the next God of Destruction in his universe.

That is, although Universe 11 has only three warriors left, against five from Goku and Vegeta's team, the Prince of Saiyans will have to deal with Jiren while Freeza will deal with Dyspo.

However, with Goku trying to confront Toppo, unaware of his supernatural strength, what will happen is that the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super will be in hot water in the episodes that follow after this one.

Toppo, a God of Destruction? Goku and Vegeta will have work on what's left of Dragon Ball Super …

In any case, next Sunday's episode will be 122, so it's still about four weeks before all this information is confirmed. Either way, the future of Dragon Ball Super will remain bright as there is still much to develop from the Power Tournament.

How far can the warriors of Universe 7 get away with? This is another question, which at least for now is quite difficult to answer.

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