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Dragon Ball Super: anime may warm up after Power Tournament

Dragon Ball Super Anime Power Tournament
Dragon Ball Super

Watch out for spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super is hot with the Power Tournament. However, the future of the anime may also be quite interesting and, according to the latest rumor, fearful.

In fact, the next arc It will be based again on what was the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. Yes, it was some time ago that it all began, and if we pull on our memory, we quickly remember that the focus was on Beerus.

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The God of Destruction was the most fearsome of opponents and also unique to Dragon Ball fans, as it had never been mentioned. However, after meeting him, as well as Whis, the fear passed and we slowly reached the point of the anime where we are today.

However, it may not be so in the future. Apparently, after finishing the Tournament of Power, the most famous super warriors in the world will face the famous God of Destruction.

There, both Goku and Vegeta should be able to turn into something more powerful than Super Sayajin Blue – which clearly hasn't arrived to face Beerus.

Dragon Ball Super has everything to improve, even if the Power Tournament ends …

But if such an assumption were to be found, the question remains why. Well, first of all, it means that, in the beginning, the Power Tournament will have ended in the best way. However, there is nothing that points to problems between the three characters.

Finally, and to confirm that this may be a plausible thought, it must be remembered that Whis said at the beginning of the Power Tournament that there would be at least one warrior more powerful than the God of Destruction in his universe.

Now that may mean that Goku, and Vegeta too, may be equated with Beerus, or perhaps surpass him in power. In any case, we will continue to monitor weekly what will happen so we don't miss out on Dragon Ball Super.

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