How To Manage Android TV Box Remotely

How To Manage Android TV Box Remotely

Hi, we are going to show you easiest way to manage your Android TV box remotely, this is useful if you want to install/uninstall apps, games and much more when you’re not actually in the same location as your Android TV Box.

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In this guide, we are going to provide all information you need to manage device remotely either via Windows PC, Android phone or tablet just using an app TEAMVIEWER. This can be used by any Android TV box. TeamViewer is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems.

Best VPN: for Android TV box how to install VPN for Android Box

VPN for Android TV box and how to install VPN for Android Box

What is Teamviewer?

Teamviewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote control, with an app Windows, app Android, app Apple Mac, allows desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers and other supported devices as Android TV box etc. control computer , using remote computers chat features secure easy change on it.

Where do I download Teamviewer App – Teamviewer download

TeamViewer has to be running on both machines as Android TV Box or another device you want to use for accessing Android TV box Remotely. To install TeamViewer, administrator access is required, but once installed it can be run by any user.

You can download our custom Teamviewer version ( Quick Support ) for your Android TV Box here

You can download our custom Teamviewer 9 for windows Teamviewer 9 for mac (we ask you to download this for remote Apple services)

If you want to access your own device with your own PC then you can get it from the Teamviewer website Once you install it on your chosen platform it will look as shown below –

How to connect Android TV box using Team Viewer –

When Teamviewer is started on a computer, it generates a partner ID and password (user-defined passwords are also supported). To establish a connection between a local client and a remote client, TeamViewer generated ID and password of either client are required. The local client requires the remote client’s ID and password to gain control over the remote client, whereas the remote client requires the local client’s ID and password to gain control over the local client.

First one here is you want to get remotely accessed ( Android TV Box ) and using another system i.e Windows PC, Android Tablet, Phone etc.

You will see TeamViewer generated ID and password on Windows device you install Teamviewer and option to enter the username for the device you want to get remotely accessed.

So enter the Android TV Box running Teamviewer username into TeamViewer running on Windows PC etc.

Once you Enter the username it will show a pop up on Android TV Box screen for seeking permission if you want to allow remote session. So click Allow and Start, OK on it shown on Android TV box running Teamviewer.
Now once you enter the password and press OK/Connect. It will connect with Android TV box display as the remote season. Now you can do most things as File Transfer, Managing your Android TV box for install, uninstall things a more via the remote screen.

Please refer to screen below as it will show on Windows PC for remote of Android phone ( Example ) –

How To Manage Android TV Box Remotely, Download Teamviewer for Apple

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