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Uber is again testing autonomous cars

The private transport service Uber has again tested autonomous cars in the city of San Francisco....

Ads in video games? The limits of profitability reach NBA 2K21

Pay for advertising A few months ago, many users started a public protest through the networks in which they denounced the incorporation of advertisements in...

Google has started testing instant apps on Android

One of the most interesting news presented at the latest Google I / O was the...

Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition Leads AnTuTu in March

For those who like numbers, know that AnTuTu is one of the benchmarks in the mobile...

Download Quake II for free and keep it forever

A legend among shooters

Quake II free

The arrival of Quake was a dramatic change in the world of shooter. Elevated scenes and first-person perspective with vertical axis changes allowed the experience to be taken to a new level, especially after introducing native OpenGL support for the first time.

Away from the medieval theme of the first installment, in Quake II we will enjoy a science fiction story in which humans invade the planet Stroggos in order to avenge the alien invasion that planet Earth suffered previously. A game that marked an era, and the only thing missing was a film adapted to the video game. Not to mention a remake that elevates it to the category of maximum legend.

How to download Quake II for free

In the same way that happened a few days ago with Quake, to get the free download of Quake II you will only have to log in to the Bethesda launcher so that it is added to your personal library. But don’t take too long, you only have 72 hours to do it.

It is a similar procedure to what we have seen in other similar services, something they basically do to attract new users for future launches (and to give joy with a good reward, of course). The steps that you must do are the following:

  1. Visit the Bethesda website
  2. If you don’t have an account yet, create a new one
  3. Download the Bethesda Launcher and log into it
  4. Redeem your copy of original Quake completely free

And after Quake II … comes Quake III

But in case we didn’t have enough Quake III Arena It can also be downloaded for free from 17 August, and it will once again be available for free for 72 hours, the same time Quake II remains free. In the case of Quake III, the third installment was the LAN revolution, since the game focused on multiplayer games, lacking a campaign or any type of storyline.

The reason for giving these two gems of video games is because users have collaborated enormously in a charity event organized at QuakeCon by Bethesda itself. In total, they will be more than $ 30,000 those that are destined for charities, so, in order to thank the effort, Bethesda has decided to give the following two deliveries to Quake to all users of the Bethesda launcher.

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This Black Widow character makes the leap to the Hawkeye series

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