Download Latest T8AMLV3 Firmware Upgrade Download T8 Plus Firmware upgrade

Download Latest T8AMLV3 Firmware Upgrade



This is where you can get Latest T8-AML-V3 Firmware DownloadDownload Latest T8-AML-V3 Firmware Upgrade


This will be the last time you will have to use a SD card when you update your firmware. We have now finished our OTA (over the air) update app, this will be installed when you run this firmware update. After you have finished flashing this latest update you will see our New Ebox-Update app, This is what you will use to update your T8 Firmware from now on, when you open the app it will inform you if their is a new Update available.


The Ebox OTA update app is so easy to use.

  1. OPEN OTA Updater
  2. If their is an update available click download Update.
  3. You will then see two tick boxes wipe cache and clear data tick both boxes then click next.
  4. The app will close down when its finished downloading.
  5. Open the app again and follow the same steps again this time it will reboot and update your device ( you will not have to wait for the download again)


If you have a T8-AML-V3 TV box you can flash your device with our latest T8-AML-V3 firmware. (All fully rooted)

For an easy way to put your device into recovery mode download THIS APP and install it, this will allow you to  reboot your device into recovery mode.

Click here to download the latest software update for your T8-AML-V3 TV Box


T8-AML-V3 Latest Firmware date of build 02/11/2016

Latest T8-AML-V3 Firmware Download  How to Upgrade.

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  1. Click the link above and download the file.
  2. unpack the 5 files onto a SD card.
  3. Do not unpack the file
  4. Put the 5 files onto a SD card and put into the side of the T8
  5. Turn off the power with the power button on the front of the T8 make sure it is off.
  6. On the right hand side of the device is the reset button.
  7. Using a tooth pick  hold this button in. You know you have pressed it if you feel the click.
  8. Now press the power button on the front of the device while holding in the button.
  9. While holding the reset button down, wait until you see the logo and you can then release the reset button.
  10. The recovery menu should now be shown and the device should update.

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The EntertainmentBox Firmware Downloads utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Customer Service for guidance.We will not and cannot be held responsible for incorrect use.

Download Latest T8 V3 Firmware Upgrade



  1. Greg.dray


    I am trying to update my T8-AML-V3 box using the OTA app. It downloads the file apparently fully but then flashes something about md5. It’s too fast to read the full message but it doesnt seem to be working.
    I tried downloading the file above but that seems to be an older version than the OTA tool. OTA is telling me 1.3 is available, the version above is 1.0.8?
    Am I able to manually download the 1.3 version from somewhere?


    • Entertainment Box

      Hi Greg, we are looking into this problem and will have this resolved very soon so bear with us.

      Thank you.

  2. SCOTT

    When trying to upgrade my firmware, I am getting no reaction from my box when doing factory reset with Micro SD card inserted.

    • Liam

      Hi Scott i replied to your post on the forum Here
      Also make sure your SD Card is formatted to FAT 32 format before adding the files for the firmware update to it.

  3. steve

    Hi bought a T8-AML-V3 December 2015 it has a panel on the back with the cable for an external hard drive is this a V3 or a V3-S
    thanks steve

    • Entertainment Box

      Hi Steve, you have to go by the model number underneath your device. The were some V3 devices with back panels aswell as V3s.


  4. Neil

    I’ve noticed that some devloper external apps won’t run on rooted devices. Do you have any software that simulates an unrooted device, in order for certain apps to run?

    • EntertainmentBox

      Hi Neil, no we do not have any software that simulates an unrooted devices, if you find any that work let us know.

  5. Neil

    I’ve downloaded the AML-V3 rom (version 1.0.1) and installed it via SD card. Problem us that I cannot install to version 1.0.6 via OTA Updater. I can and have downloaded the rom, but cannot install via the T8 Plus box. Can you send me a link for the updated rom version please, or tell me where, within the box is the 1.0.6 rom located, so I can manually install via SD card please?

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Neil, there isn’t a 1.0.6 version for the V3 so the latest version of the V3 firmware will be on our firmware pages and/or through the OTA app.

      Thanks you.

  6. Chris

    I’m getting a “Can not mount e: drive” error while trying to verify file signature. “Failed to verify file signature.”

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Chris, that seems like the SD card cannot be read for some reason. Try formatting the card then transferring the zipped file contents to it,
      Hopefully that helped.

  7. Philip Dalton

    Hi my T8 box is telling me Remote share can not connect to network server but my box is connected please help

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello, can you be more specific as to when and where this is happening on your device then I can assist you.
      Thank you.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hello Jason, you can simply download any programs or apps and re-install them. Click here for advice and tips.

      Thank you.

    • Entertainment Box

      Hi, we are currently working on Lollipop firmware for the T8 AML V3 so it is in the pipeline. Look out for news on our site, we will notify everyone once it is completed.
      Thank you.

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