How to download and install Google Assistant apk onto an Android TV box

How to download and install Google Assistant apk onto an Android TV box

In this post, we are going to show you how you can install Google Assistant apk on Android TV box. For this, to work you will need an Android TV box running at least Android 6.1, the latest version of the Google App and the Google assistant apk. We can help you with everything. Follow our video guide that will help you run Google Assistant on an Android TV box or Kodi TV box. In under five minutes, you can have Google personal assistant up and running on your TV box. With the help of apps like IFTTT (If This Then That) you can create custom recipes that your Voice Assistant can use. Please check out our full guide on Creating a custom Google Assistant IFTTT recipe, applet for Google Home, Android TV Box.IPVanish VPN

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What is Google Assistant? 

Google Assistant is a part of the Google App. The Google Assistant will perform tasks like opening apps, switching off the lights, even turning on the cooker. The Google Assistant can also be taught to do new tasks or new Actions with the help of IFTTT. Also, the Google Assistant will also learn from you everytime you need something. So let’s say your favourite streaming app is Spotify and you use that app for streaming music the most. If you say ” Okay Google play Justin Timberlake” it will open up Justin Timberlake in Spotify. Here are 20 best OK Google voice commands.The Google Assistant is constantly learning and evolving to work with all the latest apps and smart home gadgets. Google Assistant is what the Google Home runs on. By adding Google Assistance to a TV box it could be better than an Amazon Echo, Google Home, Or Apple HomePod. 

Watch the video below!

How to install Google Assistant on Android TV box: method 1 the easiest way

  • Download the latest Google app from the Play Store
  • Download the EBox App from the Play Store
  • Open app settings on your Android device then grant both apps all permissions to run.
  • Now open the Google app and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Now Open EBox app and click on the Google Assistant icon. The Google Assistant will now download.
  • Open a file browser or Apk installer and search the downloads folder for the Google Assistant apk, and install
  • Complete you now have Google Assistant on an Android TV box

Install Google Assistant on Android TV box: method 2

  • Download this Google app
  • Download this Google Assistant apk
  • Install the downloaded Google App
  • Open app settings on your Android device then grant the Google App all permissions to run.
  • Now open the Google app and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Open a file browser or Apk installer then search for the download Google Assistant apk, and now install it
  • Congratulations you have now added Google Assistant onto an Android TV box

How to Use Google Assistant Android TV box key points

  • The Google Assistant will not launch from the home page (yet) it has to be activated from the Google Assistant app
  • Turn on the Google Assistant: click the Google Assistant, then click Your Stuff, now click create a new reminder
  • Some boxes will have the like the Q-box will display a bar that will allow you to use the assistant without clicking creating a reminder. This is because the screen is not in full screen. Some TV boxes will display in full screen that’s where you can lose the Google Assistant bar at the bottom. this can be overcome with a screen orientation app.
  • If you are on the home launcher and say OK Google you will only Activate Google now, not Google Assistant.

Final thoughts

By using an Android TV box to perform Google Assistant tasks can give your TV box a whole new lease of life. you can now enjoy all the latest features the Google Assistant has to offer. You don’t need a high-powered TV box to run Google Assistant. As seen in this post showing Google Voice Assistant running on low-cost Android Kodi TV boxIf you want a Google Home experience without the cost, install Google Assistant on Android TV box!


Quick Setup In Under five minutes Voice Search


Android 6.1

Google Assistant on EBOX
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