How to download Aptoide and install Aptoide Android app

Ian Whyte

May 11, 2017

How to download Aptoide and install Aptoide Android app

 APTOIDE for android BRINGS YOUR TV Box or phone ALIVE

Aptoide is a great app that’s really going to bring your Android powered TV boxes or phones right on the edge of having the best Apps and tailored for your own specific use. In this post, we will show you how to download Aptoide and install Aptoide Android app on any Android device. The name Aptoide is formed from the words “APT” (the Debian package manager) and “oide” (the last syllable of “Android”). The Aptoide platform is available in over 40 languages, having reached more than 97 million users in 2015 and 2.8 billion downloads. In the various stores, it is possible to find over 700.000 Android apps. Aptoide started as a proposal of Paulo Trezentos at the 2009 The proposal was accepted and later became what today is Aptoide.

Settings allows users to configure app for greatest experience

Settings in Aptoide allow the user to configure the app to suggest apps they might be interested in and based on the apps installed on the device you are using. To install Aptoide the user must retrieve the APK from the official site or other sources within Internet. You will not find Aptoide in Google Play Store. To install Aptoide you need to allow installation from “Unknown sources” in Android settings.

Once you install Aptoide, the user can add stores as well as the default store. There are many Apps available from different stores. When a store is added using the URL of the store, Aptoide retrieves the list of the applications and stores it locally. The user can then browse in the applications or search in the Internet for other stores. If a user wants to backup their apps to a private store, it is advisable to use Aptoide Apps Backup that keeps a record of the apps backed up. All the applications in stores are managed using a back office in Aptoide.


How to download Aptoide and install Aptoide Android app

How to download Aptoide Android app and install.

Here’s the 2 most common ways to install Aptoide TV.

1. Install Aptoide from built-in web browser, the easiest way

  • Use your Android device’s built-in web browser and visit this page
  • Click on Install AptoideTV also available are Aptoide lite for low-end running devices, If using a Tablet you will need Tablet Version
  • Locate the downloaded Aptoide app then click to start the install
  • Complete you now have Aptoide installed on your Android device

2. Install Aptoide via USB

Aptoide is an experience in itself tailored for the user on his/hers choice of apps

After installing Aptoide you will need to register an account to fully benefit from this great app. The experience of using Aptoide once you have registered immediately becomes noticeable as it scans your library of Apps. Once Antoine has your library logged it will offer up any updates that are available. You may be shocked to see so many updates offered as you would have thought Google play would have been on top of this. You do not need to install updates and if you have and feel it’s not for you there is an option to uninstall updates.

Aptoide interface ingenious makes user experience personal

The interface is divided into the following tabs: Home, Top, Stores, Updates, Social Timeline, and a Download Manager. To start using Aptoide you first need to know how it works. The market includes tons of free apps available to download. To find a specific app, you just must write the name in the search bar, and choose the version that you want to download. Each app’s page includes technical information and a description written by the user that shared it. However, the most important thing to look at before downloading, is the comment and rating section of each app. Since you never know what you could be downloading, other people’s comments guide you whether to trust app you’re about to download. If don’t get any results for a search, remember you can go to the ‘Stores’ tab and access a list of apps that’s shared by the community, unofficially.

Browse the categories and find tools and games, discover endless new apps in the Top downloads section. Aptoide even lets you revert to older versions with its ‘rollback’ feature. This lets you roll back an update that you don’t like or doesn’t work well, as well as update it back in just seconds.

Aptoidde App

Trust Aptoide logo


You would not be wrong to worry about safety in today’s world so here is a few security points laid out by the developer himself.

1.- Malware is something that we take very seriously. Currently, we have 3 different systems to detect the malware threads as they arrive to any Aptoide-powered App Store: – we run 3 different anti-virus in emulators in run-time – we have an in-house system of signatures to detect recurring threats – we have implemented a chain of trust based in the signature of the developer2.- The task of creating a safe environment to the end-user is a moving target. We are working with several Universities and Research centres and in a recent article (not yet published) we compare well with the other App Stores. We also proposed a European research project with 2 anti-virus companies and 3 universities / research centres to deal with this topic. And receiving feedback of the community is important.

3.- F-Droid is in fact very similar to Aptoide. They are a fork of Aptoide and they support all the concepts that Aptoide developed, like multiple stores. They have a more centralised approach and a central signature which if of course different from our approach.

4.- At Aptoide we have the “Trusted” stamp. Aptoide have 99.99% that the app will not contain a threat to the end-user.

Best, Paulo Trezentos (Aptoide co-founder)

Aptoide Android app

Aptoide Android app store on E Box Device


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