Download and install the most incredible maps for Minecraft

Download and install the most incredible maps for Minecraft

What are maps in Minecraft?

Every world that we can create in Minecraft is a new mapIn other words, it is the game scenario that we see in each new world. But of course, just like in your own game, all of these can be edited and used to shape both small buildings and true marvels of construction. There are many users dedicated to doing this and then posting them on the internet so that others can download them (now we will see how to do it).

The maps in this game is one of the main tools to take users to a gameplay totally different than usual. Thanks to these edited worlds, we can live adventures, demonstrate our skills or even fight against others in online mode (although we leave the latter for another article).

In short, if you did not know this about the maps in Minecraft or have never tried any, you have just discovered an incredible tool to continue enjoying the game for many hours.

Where to download Minecraft maps?

The maps consist of a file or files that we must include in a specific path of our team so that, at the beginning of the game, it loads as if it were one of our own worlds.

There are many, many places to download these files, but as always happens on the internet, not all are “reliable” places. For this reason, we have compiled some of the best repositories websites for these maps so that you can download them without any problem:

  • ZonaCraft: is one of the most popular repositories of maps, mods, textures and shaders for Minecraft lovers. Within its catalog we have a classification by versions of the game. In addition, the nature of these is very diverse and they include news on a daily basis.
  • Mini Crafting: another of the great content repositories for this game. On this website several new maps are added periodically, among which we can find adventure-themed, skyblocks, or incredible buildings that have taken a long time to be developed.
  • MapCraft: Do you want maps? Well, this repository surely has one for you with its catalog of 3,900 maps so far. Since 2011, different scenarios created by users have been accumulating on this website, storing a large number of types that range from parkour, mystery, skyblocks, labyrinths and a very long etcetera.

  • Planet Minecraft: another of the best websites where we can find these worlds designed to enjoy the game. In addition to the types of maps and content that we see on other websites, on this website we can download scale recreations of buildings or even means of transport such as a locomotive. Even recreations of emblematic places such as castles, or the Brooklyn Bridge itself.
  • Minecraft Maps: this website specialized in maps is, perhaps, one of those that has the best classification system of all. They differentiate quickly in their top menu by: adventure, parkour, survival, puzzle, etc.

Install Minecraft maps

Now that you know everything important about maps in Minecraft and where you can download them, let’s go to the most important thing: installation.

The normal thing is that, when downloading a map, we have a file in .zip format with which we will now see the procedure to follow for its installation. There are some maps (especially the most current ones) that we can download in the format .mcworld or .mcpackIn this case, we will only have to double click on them so that they are automatically installed on our computer.

However, if the item you downloaded has the .zip or .rar extension (as usual), you will have to do the following:

  • Unzip the downloaded file. You will have a folder with several items inside. This folder should include everything, or almost (they will specify it on the download website), what you need to be able to play this map.

  • Log in to Minecraft and within the loading menu before clicking on “play” we will have to make some adjustments. Locate the option “Facilities” in the top bar and, here, we must load the appropriate game version for each new map (this detail is specified on the map download websites).
  • Click on «create» to Activate a new version of the game.
  • In this new menu we can customize the different settings regarding the installation of versions. We can give it a characteristic icon to quickly locate it, give it the name we want, select the appropriate version (the most important point) and some more details. Once this section is configured, click on create.

  • Now that we have the correct version installed to be able to play our map, we have to place it on the correct route. This will depend on our operating system. In MacOS you will have to access the path / Users /USERNAME/ Library / Application Support / minecraft / saves changing the value of USERNAME to your username. In Windows access the path C: / Users /USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves changing, as in the previous one, the value of USERNAME by your username.

  • It is in this folder of «saves» where you will have to paste the unzipped folder of the .zip or .rar file with all the elements inside. Once you are on this route, you will have available the map within Minecraft. You start the game (in the facilities section) in the correct version for the map and that’s it.

The best Minecraft maps

Since you know how to install them and everything about them, we have compiled some of the most incredible and fun maps in Minecraft to get you off to a good start in this “world”.

Ghibli universe

A total of 50 players have been in charge of recreating the universe of studio ghibli movies. A review of movies like Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle. You can download it from the Planet Minecraft website.


Yes, as you are reading it, a recreation of the full scale titanic ship and with great detail: dining rooms, stairs, cellars, cabins, etc. You can get this map, like the previous one, on the Planet Minecraft website.

The wild west

For lovers of taverns, horses, Indians and outlaws, this map that recreates the Wild West it is a real pass. It will even make you feel the intoxicated state of cowboys by overdoing it. You can download it on the Minecraft Maps website.

Rich Medieval Town & Castle

One of the best maps that you can find in terms of design, details and a lot, but a lot of work behind it. In Rich Medieval Town & Castle we will be able to visit in detail a city from medieval times. From the main castle to the houses they will help you immerse yourself in the experience. Once again, you can get this map from the Planet Minecraft website.


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