Download all these free comics right now

Download all these free comics right now

Comixology, a huge comic bookshop

Many people who love comics already know her, however, being an American firm, it is likely that others have never heard her. We refer to Comixology, a comic distribution platform in the cloud that was bought by Amazon a few years ago and that has more than 100,000 titles to download of all kinds of genders.

Such is the popularity of this service that currently accumulates millions of downloads from a good number of users around the world interested in the world of comics.


Comixology has its own app for the purchase, download and reading of its titles, in addition to a website where it periodically uploads new cartoons and also publishes offers of some publications. It is not the only interesting thing you will find on their page. The platform also has a free comics section, available for download from anywhere in the world and today we will explain how to get.

Comixology free comics

As we pointed out, within the service it is possible to find a good amount of comics (in English, of course) available for download for free. This section is updated with some regularity so that from time to time new titles are added that you can get without paying a penny.

Free comics

All you have to have before anything else is a Comixology account or failing Amazon. Yes, your Amazon account serves also to access the platform both via the web and through the mobile application.

Once you are logged in, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Accede to this web address in which you have the complete catalog of free comics (they are sorted by date of inclusion, the first being the most recent).
  2. Choose the title you want and click on its image.
  3. Once inside your tab, do click in “Add to cart«. The comic will be added to your cart.
  4. You can go back and continue adding comics or finish “the purchase” by tapping on the shopping cart icon – in the upper right corner.
  5. You will see the titles you have chosen and next to its official strikethrough price along with an indicative of 0.00 euros.
  6. make click in “Go to checkout«.
  7. You will see a last page showing a box that you must confirm you have read. Is he digital content recognition in which you state knowing that it is a digital and non-printed content. When you do click In your confirmation box, you can tap on “Complete order” and finish the free purchase.
  8. Ready. Your comic is already in the library of your profile.

When you have made the purchase, the website will invite you to activate the Instant checkout. With it you can skip all the previous steps every time you buy a comic and directly add it to your bookstore without even going through the shopping cart. You can do it or not, as you prefer.

You only have to go to your bookstore (clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner and tap on “My Books”) and select the comic you want to read. You can do it directly from the web (on your PC) or from the Comixology app (which has its own integrated reader), available for both Android and iOS.

Titles you have of all kinds: from Morbius (now so fashionable with the recent release of the movie trailer) to Daredevil, going by Torch, walking Dead, Wonder woman, Captain America or Avengers. Like this up more than 100 different titles. And yes, tooooodos free.

Happy reading


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