DOOM Eternal to the extreme: 1,000 FPS thanks to liquid nitrogen

DOOM Eternal to the extreme: 1,000 FPS thanks to liquid nitrogen

An infernal overclocking

With the idea of ​​bringing such an idea to life, Bethesda community manager Likasz Lesniewski spoke with the people of x-kom, a hardware distributor specialized in ovlerclock and extreme modding. The idea was none other than to achieve what was promised: to run DOOM Eternal at a speed of no less than 1,000 images per second.

No matter how good hardware you have at home, you know that moving such a game is quite complicated if you are looking for detail and fluidity, but there is nothing like a good thermos of liquid nitrogen to cool things down. To achieve this, they decided to mount the following hardware configuration:

  • Intel Core i7 9700K processor
  • ASUS MAximus XI APEX motherboard
  • ASUS RTX 2080Ti Strix GPU
  • 16GB RAM (2x8GB) HyperX Predator 4,000 MHz CL19
  • 512GB Samsung NVMe M.2 Evo Plus SSD
  • Be Quiet 1200W power supply

With this configuration, the tweaks were missing, and the clock frequencies were raised to reach heart attack numbers. The CPU went up to 6.6 GHz in total with all cores, while the graphics went to 2.4 GHz, an incredible jump when we consider that the base frequency in boost mode is 1,650 MHz.

Cooling hell

With such a configuration, you can imagine that the heat generated by the equipment must have been crazy, so to keep the system stable and working, they needed the help of liquid nitrogen to keep the situation stable with “reasonable” temperatures (remember that liquid nitrogen is than keep it at -195 degrees).

You can see the result of all this configuration in the following video, since DOOM Eternal finally manages to run at 1,000 fps without any problem. But does it have a trick?

DOOM Eternal 1000 fps

More or less. The resolution selected to reach the maximum figure is 720p, so if you were expecting to see DOOM in 4K running at 1,000 fps, this is not the case. But hey, the id Software promise has been fulfilled. They assured that their engine would hold up to 1,000 fps, and there they are running without problems.

DOOM Eternal 1000 fps


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