A very traditional and different DOOM at the same time

You are him Slayer, a soldier with very bad fleas that from your floating base in space you are seeing how demonic creatures are taking control of planet Earth. They are carrying hell itself, so tired of these misdeeds you prepare to land on the human planet to clean all hellish cracks there.

Yes, this DOOM has history, but don’t expect deep arguments that will keep you glued to the screen. Remember that DOOM is characterized by filling the screen with blood while destroying without stopping demons and more demons, and that is just what we are going to do.

The first screen is quite a statement of intent. And also a slight remember that will make you feel at home. The player starts out in a room where three enemies appear wandering around waiting for your first move and it’s something that immediately reminded us of the first level of DOOM 2 (1994). This makes it clear that the essence of always will be present, but at the same time introducing a series of mechanics that could surprise you.

Swift as … the devil

In DOOM Eternal you are going to run. And a lot. The DOOM original was characterized by being a movement game. If you ended up cornered in a corner or just stood still while shooting with your gun, you were a dead man. And be careful because DOOM Eternal things get even more complicated. We will handle our character as if we had the run button always activated, and lateral movements will be key to dodge fireballs, projectiles and all kinds of enemy attacks. Move without stopping, or you will end up shredded.

Such is the speed, that the character seems to move on a floating platform that gives him special speed. The feeling is strange, but it is tremendously effective considering how the games go. This imbues a sense of stress and constant frenzy that keep the player constantly on edge, hoping to take down the last demon so they can take a breather and continue moving forward in the game.

DOOM x Quake

It is these breaths and pauses that help you see how the gameplay of the game is defined. The levels are divided by exploration zones and small enclosures that are somewhat reminiscent of the Quake III sands. That is the feeling that it transmits to us, since when we reach certain limited areas we will have to destroy all the enemies present in order to continue advancing in the level. In this area we will find jump platforms, several levels of height, corridors and nooks, and meanwhile, a horde of demons behind us.

In addition, all the items that are scattered around the level have colorful designs in the form of large icons that float, being once again another visual style that transports us to the shooters of the 90s, and we love that.

And then DOOM became a platform

Don’t get us wrong. DOOM is still DOOM, but this time a series of new mechanics have been introduced that may seem strange to you at first. After sweating the fat drop and finishing with the last one Imp Standing on the sand you just completed, it’s time to take a breath and start exploring.

These changes of pace will be basically what we will experience in the game: brute action, exploration, brute action, exploration. And that’s where jumps, gymnastic demonstrations on bars and climbing on walls come into play. We are not going to deny that it is strange, but it works. At least it helps us lower the revolutions and invites us to remember that we have a series of challenges in the form of hidden secrets that we will have to find.

In the meantime, we may run into an occasional enemy that reminds us that we are still in a shooter, but it will be little. When we are scouting, we are scouting, and when it comes to fighting … you had better carry ammunition with you. And that’s where another mechanic comes into play.

A strategic arsenal

DOOM Eternal weapons

Forget about shooting left and right to kill them all. No more shooting a plasma rain to destroy everyone in front, and that is that ammunition will be scarce. This is one of the points that we have had the hardest time assimilating, since the game forces you to use other elements to balance the action ratio.

The shortage of bullets is due to the fact that we will have to use the mechanical saw and the new flamethrower or grenade launcher attached to our back (which is unlocked during the story) to finish off the enemies based on Glory Kills (those animations in the foreground where you can see the guts of our rivals in great detail). Completing these actions we will obtain items of ammunition, health and shield, so they will be vital to continue resisting in battle. Do you need health? Finish off a hitting Glory Kill. Are you looking for ammunition? End death with the chainsaw. These concepts must be learned and internalized, since the maximum ammunition of weapons is extremely scarce.

The combination of these factors makes the combat become quite strategic, having to keep in mind what ammunition we carry, how much gasoline we have left in the chainsaw and what the hell are the first ones that we must destroy so that they don’t give us too much can. Now do you understand why we say that DOOM Eternal is it so fast

Difficult and fun

This demonic combo makes DOOM Eternal a difficult game. The requirement is at a fairly high level, so you will have to have patience to overcome each of the challenges that the game offers us, but in the end, it is extremely funny. The weapons are perfectly balanced, and we can also improve them with a fairly simple accessory system.

Another theme will be that of the runes, sentinel crystals and many other customization elements that deepen, perhaps too much, the internal options of the game. And it is that this type of adjustments we feel like a quite important distraction in the course of the game, since they require attention and planning. These new details and possibilities are appreciated, but they stain the classic rhythm of the kill and kill.

The ultimate shooter

DOOM Eternal

But if there’s one thing this DOOM does especially well, it’s the action of pulling the trigger. Each weapon feels especially powerful, each with its customizations and quirks, adding exquisite control that feels downright good. To all this we must add the smoothness to which the game runs, tremendously fluid included with a large number of enemies on the screen (in our case we have played on an Xbox Seres X).

The level design is spectacular, and considering that the story takes place on a planet Earth dominated by the power of demons, the setting is especially captivating at many times. The main shot of the giant demon is received as a real slap as soon as the game begins, making it clear that the game will be colossal.

Are we facing the best shooter of the year? Probably yes. It is true that it has peculiarities that may not fit all users, and its demands could tire or force users who are outnumbered by the army of hell to fall to their knees, so it is up to you to be the Slayer that humanity carries pleading for a long time.