Fewer units than expected?

PS5 details

Sony had calculated that it would need a greater number of consoles to cover the demand that will exist for PS5 in the Christmas period. And it is that in addition to the dates so marked, it is expected that many people spend more time at home than normal due to the measures that are being taken around the world, hence more consoles would serve to entertain the public more.

This was the perfect Sony move to make a lot of money with, however, everything indicated that it had run into a problem that it has not been able to solve on its own: the production performance. Unsurprisingly, the factories are not working 100%, and that could have meant that manufacturing of your custom SoC was delayed.

This was pointed out by Google, ensuring that the company had had to redo the calculations estimating that they would be missing by make about 4 million less of PlayStation 5 units, which would bring the total number of units available for distribution to about 11 million. Well, no.

In a statement sent by Sony to GamesIndustry.biz, the company has assured that the information published by Bloomberg is completely false, and that at no time the production of its console has been affected at all.

“We have not changed the production of the PlayStation 5 issue since the start of mass production.”

Ensuring deliveries

PS5 details

Considering that the number of units for the first months of launch is still a real outrage, reducing the number of units calculated in a launch like the PlayStation 5 can be a major setback in the final plans of the product. Luckily it seems that the thing has been in incorrect information, so everything continues with absolute normality. As for example the shipping plan, since Sony will need to draw up a perfect plan to ensure global distribution throughout the world. How? With the help of airplanes.

That is at least what they have already decided to do in the United States, a very important market for the manufacturer and where it seems that they have already booked a series of flights with the Delta Cargo company, as has been learned through an interview to the general manager of the company.

Apparently, 60 services have been reserved, however it is not very clear whether it is 60 reserved aircraft or 60 flights, as noted by analyst Daniel Ahmad on his Twitter account. Be it one thing or another, what would be clear is that Sony seems to have controlled a good part of the stock destined for the United States, since instead of opting for maritime transport (which is cheaper), it seems to have chosen the fast track to guarantee delivery as soon as possible. Is it because they are running out of time?


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