The best charging bases for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is for many, along with the AirPods, the best device in the company. It is true that it would be even better if it achieved total independence from the iPhone, but many things can already be done without resorting to it in its cellular version. Still, there is something where you need to improve: the energy consumption.

In Series 5 it is true that he improved, but you have to keep moving forward. Especially if those rumors that new functions such as the sleep monitoring next to the new version of the watch. But until they arrive and for those who do not intend to change the clock, having an extra charging base always at hand is important.

The Apple Watch already comes with its own, but we have decided to look for those other options that may be interesting in different types of scenarios. To prevent you from running out of battery on your Apple watch regardless of whether you’re in the office, your leisure space, or on the way to the gym.

Elago W3

Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand

It really is not a base, but rather a stand to place the charger that already incorporates your Apple Watch. It is perfect for use in the bedroom, on the table where you leave your watch every night. For what it costs, it is difficult to resist.

UGreen USB charging base

UGreen Apple Watch USB Portable Charger

It is not a USB memory although it looks like it, this accessory from UGreen is really a portable charging base that you can connect to any charger or USB port. By size it is the ideal option to always carry with you, along with your computer or another external battery, even with house keys. Here you decide how to take advantage of it, but for convenience it is highly recommended. This way you make sure you can give him an extra battery on the days that you need it most.

Apple Watch and iPhone charging cable

The official Apple magnetic charging base costs 35 euros and is undoubtedly the best option, but if you are looking for a second charging base to have in the office or your work area at home, this is a great option for two reasons: the first is your economic price And the second is that it also adds a Lightning cable with which you could charge the iPhone if you need it. As a secondary charging option it is ideal.

Nomad pod


If you want to complete this cable with a magnetic base for the Apple Watch and Lightning connector, do not miss the Nomad pod. This is an external battery of 1,800 mAh capacity and circular shape to which you can insert the aforementioned cable or the original magnetic base.

Belkin Boost Charge 2K

Belkin Power Bank

Finally, the essential accessory for mobile users. This Belkin external battery with magnetic charging base for the Apple Watch it allows you to charge the watch while, for example, you are on the way to the gym, the pool or another place. If you also want to have the possibility of charging your iPhone, in addition to this Belkin Boost charle 2K, the brand offers the Belkin Valet Charger, it costs a little more but you have that extra.

As you can see, all these options are going to help you avoid being drawn and without battery on your Apple Watch. Which is not that it is a big problem, but knowing how useful it can be in many situations, it is quite annoying. And by the way, if you are looking for charging bases for multiple devices, do not miss the selection that we also made.