Yesterday we talked about Hawkeye’s future and today we have to focus on his faithful companion, Black widow. The avenger, unlike Hawkeye, has its project already finished and about to caramel for its premiere, so this new trailer, With images never seen of the movie, it comes at the right time. Sit back and enjoy it.

New Black Widow trailer

One of the stories that have been most expected whenever he made the leap to the cinema is that of Black Widow. The Black Widow The Avengers is a character he likes, however, Marvel and Disney had not yet devoted enough attention to explain his story and its mysterious origins.

This will change in a few months. As you know, the superheroine will have its own movie and everything indicates that it will be a film with all the necessary ingredients to become a real success Box office: a protagonist with charisma and strength (with the actress who has always given her life, Scarlett Johansson), a lot of action, secondary weight characters (Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz and David Harbor) and even good music – it has been known very recently that Alexandre Desplat (Little women, Water form) will be the in charge of the soundtrack.

Black widow

With such a deployment, it is not surprising that its producer is already pushing, with a new trailer in which we can see images so far never revealed of the film. This is a video preview published by Marvel Studios today (only 6 hours ago) on its official Twitter channel, where it describes the content as a “special look” (something like “special viewing”) of Black Widow. You have it right next. Press the play:

As you will see, in this trailer you can enjoy much more especially the secondary (Guardian Rojo, Yelena and Melina -the other Black Widows-), thus checking that we will see them 100% in many of the clashes that will take place in the film . After all, this «special look» is accompanied on Twitter by the text «Family. Back together again »(« Family. Together again »), giving special importance to nearest circle of our dear Natasha Romanoff. This will undoubtedly be key so that we can know much more about the true origins of the Black Widow, her previous activity as a murderer in her homeland and what finally led her to join the Avengers team.

Release date of Black Widow in UK

Black widow

In case you did not have this film file and after watching the trailer you had a terrible desire to go to the cinema, we remind you of the release date: Black widow will be released in UK next April 30th, a day earlier than in the United States.

He will also do it – keep this in mind – with his name in English: Black Widow. You are already taking the date on the agenda.