Home Android Don't have Android Auto in your car? This free application solves the problem! (Google APK)

Don't have Android Auto in your car? This free application solves the problem! (Google APK)

Don't have Android Auto in your car? This free application solves the problem! (Google APK)

If you are one of those who does not have Android Auto in your car because it is the old car or simply believed that you did not need to pay extra when buying your new vehicle and you are sorry, I have the solution for you.

Android Auto, or Apple Carplay, is increasingly important applications in driving aids. Personally I am one of those who constantly uses Google Maps and the interface, although improved, is still not the best for interaction while driving.

So we have a solution for you. A Google app that is on the Google Play Store in some countries. Unfortunately UK is not one of them though, this is the magic of Android. You can install the APK and it's solved.

Android Auto

Google app turns your smartphone into Android Auto

Basically, this application makes your smartphone a real Android Auto. When you open the app, your smartphone takes a different and much improved interface for use while driving.

You can click the microphone button to activate Google or say "Ok Google" and voice your request. There is nothing better than saying "Ok Google calls my mom" and the smartphone automatically connects the call. All this while you have Google Maps running and Spotify giving music.

That is, even if this application is not integrated in your car, I think you'll like it. Your phone is basically a screen of Android Auto and its use is perfect.

How to install Google app via APK

As I mentioned, the app is in the Google Play store, but not in UK. So let's install the APK version. The version was taken from the APK Mirror website. This website confirms that there is no malware or virus in the application when published on your site.

You can download APK by simply clicking on the logo below or by following the APK Mirror website at the indicated link. Therefore, follow these simple steps. (PS: This APK works on Android 10 and Android 9, however your installation with Android 9 should be done with this APK)

APK Android Auto for Phone Screens

Android Auto for phone screens

  • Click the icon above or HERE and wait a moment (APK Mirror here)
  • You will be directed to "Drive", click download
  • Wait a few moments for APK to download
  • Click notifications where it says "Downloaded successfully"
  • Give Drive permission to install APKs on your smartphone
  • Click on "next"
  • Click on "Finish"
  • It's done!

Advantages of Android Auto on smartphone

  • A more driver-friendly interface
  • Fewer distractions on the road
  • Messages with large letters
  • You can reply to messages with voice
  • You can request information from the Google Assistant in UK's
  • You can reply to messages with voice
  • Google Maps or Waze
  • Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Podcasts …
  • Access to last calls

This is a simple application that I know you'll like. Especially if, like me, you have long dreamed of having a screen that can assist you (truly) during the trip!

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