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Don’t buy the Apple wireless charger for older iPhones! This is the reason

If you even liked the new Apple wireless charger, MagSafe, and are thinking of buying one of these for your smartphones with wireless charging, you better save your money.

This is because the latest tests state that the Magsafe’s charging speed on an older iPhone (other than the iPhone 12) is considerably slower than another 7.5W Qi charger.

MagSafe is painfully slow for older iPhones

In a simple test, the MacRumors folks put an iPhone Xs Max to charge with Apple’s new wireless charger. The answer was simply unbelievable (in the negative).

Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger

In 30 minutes the iPhone Xs charged up to 13%. In turn, a wireless charger with Qi technology (the most used in any wireless charger) with 7.5W charged about 25% in the same time.

It is worth noting that MagSafe is a wireless charger that gives us 15W of wireless charging. However, such speeds will only be achieved with the new iPhone 12.

Our friend Daniel Pinto showed us this MagSafe a little. An elegant, small charger with a small magnet that “sticks” to the iPhone 12.

Do not expect a fantastic grip, however, it will let you know whenever the phone is charging and that you will not wake up the next day without a battery and with the disappointment that you placed it slightly beside the pad.

In short, if you are looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone (other than iPhone 12), the best solution is to look at other models of chargers. They are cheaper and will load faster.

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