Don’t Blink: Falcon and the Winter Soldier Also Get First Trailer

Don't Blink: Falcon and the Winter Soldier Also Get First Trailer

The Falcon and the winter soldier, for March 2021

Disney has a huge arsenal of series based on the Marvel universe for their content platform, but if we are left only with their closest and immediate projects, then our attention must inevitably fall on Wandavision, Loki Y The Falcon and the winter soldier. We have already told you about the first two and anticipated everything new that we know, but from the last project we still had to reveal new data discovered during the company’s last meeting for investors.

In it, the mouse firm took the opportunity to deploy all the heavy artillery and demonstrate to its “partners” what it is capable of and did not hesitate to launch endless advances and advances, including the first contact with the Falcon series and the Winter Soldier that we already know that we will also see on its content platform next March 19, 2021.

Written by Malcolm Spellman, who also acts as showrunner, the fiction starts right after the events of the hit movie Avengers: Endgame. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan In fact, they return to don their Falcon and Winter Soldier costumes to give life to these two well-known Marvel characters with whom we will continue to enjoy new adventures within their cinematographic universe.

In addition to knowing some previous details and finally having a release date, a very interesting first video preview has also been released (it lasts more than a minute), with which we can get an idea of ​​what we are going to do. see.

First video preview

After a forced stoppage of filming due to the pandemic, the series team had time to finish the recordings and even to put together a first trailer to help us position ourselves and better and prepare for what is to come. This is a “first look”, a first look that, despite this, lasts long enough to enjoy a good number of scenes (including several action ones) and the faces of some additional characters, such as Baron Zemo, played again by Daniel Brühl – he remembers that we already met him in Captain America: Civil War.

The advance could not have started in a more forceful way. Sam Wilson (Falcon) recognizes Bucky (Winter Soldier) who the legacy of the shield that he has inherited is quite ‘complicated’, clearly alluding to the end of Avengers: Endgame, when Steve Rogers (Captain America) leaves it to him as an inheritance. This makes us suspect that Wilson has decided, at least at the beginning, to deny his mission and has preferred to stay as Falcon because he believes that the role as the new Captain America is great.

Falcon and the winter soldier

From there we will see an important succession of images with quite a rhythm – eye that even appears Flag-Smasher villain (played by a woman) – and a staging that nothing has to envy the movies of the cinema – just look at the incredible pursuit of Falcon through the mountains.

Therefore, a series that promises and from which we expect new advances already begun in 2021. Don’t worry, when that happens, we will let you know here. Do not hesitate.


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