According to a new issue of The New York Times (NYT), during the start of his presidential term, Donald Trump's team considered asking Twitter to implement a 15-minute delay on all of their publications. They basically wanted to create a kind of "babysitter" for the president so that they could control their activities.

It was not long before they realized the possible implications of this idea, eventually choosing not to contact the social network. According to the NYT, they feared the repercussions of a possible leak of information from this action in the press or even to Donald Trump himself.

"Babysitter" wasn't going to stop all the bullshit Trump made on Twitter

Among all the controversial and controversial acts done by Donald Trump as president of the United States, Twitter has undoubtedly been his platform of choice. Since becoming president, Trump has published more than 11,000 tweets, and the vast majority has generated great controversy.

Donald Trump Twitter

The NYT's thorough investigation has resulted in dozens of "depressing earrings" that lead us to believe that not one babysitter would be able to solve the "Mr. President's" lack of seriousness, professionalism and common sense.

Among the president's hundreds of retweets, at least 145 unverified accounts promoting extremist or conspiracy-related content were found. Among these 145 accounts, 24 were eventually banned by Twitter.

More than half of their Twitter posts have attacked people or institutions, once again proving their dangerous lack of professionalism and common sense. However, the New York Times points out that the president made over 2,000 tweets where he idolized a notorious personality named … Donald Trump.

There have been many requests for Twitter to suspend Donald Trump's account

On multiple occasions, Twitter has been flooded with requests for the US President's account to be banned from the social network. As might be expected, the arguments always involve allegations that Donald Trump is a major promoter of violence and discrimination.

Twitter announced in June that it would change the way it manages publications by politicians and 'presidents' that violate its terms and conditions. Since then, however, nothing has happened to Trump's account and any of his publications.

They recently revealed that users will soon not be able to like, reply to or share these posts. However, it will be possible to share tweets as long as a comment is made. They went even further, confirming that any publication that contains a "call to action" that could harm an individual or group will be deleted.

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