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Do you use Spotify Premium? Get ready to pull more by the wallet

If like me you use Spotify Premium you know that it has a relatively reasonable price for what it offers. It’s 6.99 € per month in the normal plan, or 10.99 € in the family plan and you have access to any music (online and offline) on any device.

According to Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, the company is preparing to push us further through the portfolio. This is because, according to the executive, an increase in service prices is being planned.

Spotify plans to increase service prices Premium

This idea was first put forward during the last report and accounts shared with the company’s shareholders. At a time when Spotify registers 320 million active users, 144 million of whom are paid between different modalities.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO
Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO

Even with more than 6 million new subscribers in the third quarter of the year, growth in earnings for Spotify was far below expectations. Even as prices rise, the company believes that many users will continue to see value in maintaining their service premium.

Although values ​​have not been mentioned, you should bear in mind that when changes happen they can be global. This means that all users (regardless of region) may be affected by the price increase. But for now, it is a situation that is being studied.

At the time of writing this article, the individual plan costs € 6.99 and the Duo costs € 8.99. The family plan amounts to € 10.99, but allows up to six linked accounts. If you are a student, you can have the premium service for € 3.49 per month. If you don’t mind listening to ads, and you don’t need to have the service on your smartphone 100%, the free plan remains a good option.

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