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iOS 14.3 is coming, Apple offers RC version

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Do you use Google Docs? You’ll love the new feature in documents

Google yesterday updated the name of GSuite for Workspace, however, this news did not arrive alone. The famous Google Docs now bring a relevant novelty that will win over many users.

With the latest news, users will be able to “tag” other users with a typical “@” in a simple way. Still, this feature reacts a little differently than we are used to on social networks.

How the Google Docs novelty works

Google Docs novelty

Google Docs lets you put your contact information right after an “@”. In other words, imagine that you are writing a document to share with dozens or hundreds of people and you want one of your contacts to be added to the document, you just need to chatter with an “@name”, contact information and details appear in the document.

That is, the person who is tagged it is not properly notified when this happens. Still, whenever tagas someone the Google Docs document gives you the possibility to create a quick link for document sharing. That is, google Docs understands that that type of action usually leads to document sharing.

What kind of use will this novelty have

Google Docs novelty Google

More than anyone else you should be wondering if this feature solves your problem or not. I can imagine situations where this type of action would solve the situation of leaving the “phone number and email” below in the document of a relevant contact.

For example, “talk to @RicardoAlves about the specific situation”. If you receive that document but do not have contact with Ricardo Alves, you just need to hover your mouse over the name to have all the details.

Another novelty is the image gallery within a link. That is, your document can be only text and within a URL link you can “hide” an image gallery. When you open this gallery you have an authentic slideshow of the attached images.

These new features will first reach Workspace users (formerly Gsuite), however, it is fully believed that users without this subscription will also have the news soon.

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Latest Posts

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