Home Applications Do you use Facebook Messenger? We have good news for you!

Do you use Facebook Messenger? We have good news for you!

Do you use Facebook Messenger? We have good news for you!

It looks like Facebook Messenger is preparing an update that will make audio and calls encrypted peer-to-peer. That is, only you and the user who will receive the audio or call will know what was spoken.

This type of encryption already exists in a huge number of applications, for example WhatsApp (which even belongs to Facebook), however, Facebook Messenger is one of the applications that offers less privacy to users.

Facebook Messenger

That's why we sometimes know of scandals where third parties have had access to user messages and chats. The Cambridge Analytica controversy was a good example. If messages, calls and voice messages were encrypted end-to-end, it would not be easy for this to happen.

Governments don't want end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger

However, not everyone is happy with the change. While most users are happy and scream with joy that Facebook is starting to play a more active role in user privacy, some world governments are not happy with this new feature.

The American, British or even Australian government are some examples. Governments fear that encrypting audios and calls will make it much harder to catch criminals that threaten society. Trafficking in women and children was one of the topics raised in Mark Zuckerberg's last congressional presence.

Governments claim that with this encryption it will be much more complicated to stop criminals. However, on the other hand, users who have nothing to do with this will have their most secure privacy. That is, if you win something, you lose something.

Facebook Messenger should follow WhatsApp steps

Even with this controversy, I don't think Facebook does implement the functionality. WhatsApp has already seen that it works well and users are starting to prefer this kind of services over more open ones like Facebook Messenger.

With the scandals of recent years that have engulfed Facebook, I believe that implementing full Facebook Messenger chat encryption would be the most viable solution to avoid further problems in the future.

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