Do you use Facebook Messenger and love Star Wars? Learn how to activate the new theme!

Do you use Facebook Messenger and love Star Wars? Learn how to activate the new theme!

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used communication applications in the world. As much as I think you have a lot to improve on, including default messaging encryption, this is one of the apps that gives us the most solutions.

The new feature is a free Star Wars theme. The new movie of the saga is coming and nothing better than spreading the magic to millions of Facebook Messenger users.

How to activate the new Star Wars Theme in Facebook Messenger

  • Make sure Facebook Messenger is up to date
  • Open a conversation
  • Click on "i" or person's name to access settings
  • Click on "theme"
  • In the first position you will see "Star Wars"
  • It's done!

Facebook Messenger

This theme also has stickers that you can activate simply. However, you need to add another step. Open the conversation and click "Smile" in the corner of the text box.

Then on the "stickers" click on the "+" button that you will see in the bottom right corner and add the "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywaleker". And it's done too.

Facebook Messenger needs more important implementations

However, I still think Facebook Messenger should worry about something more problematic. I speak again of flame message encryption which is only done if you are in a "private conversation". That is, everything you talk about in Facebook Messenger is not exactly private.

I also believe that the quality of video calls should be better. Certainly if they took out a lot of filters and focused on sound and picture quality, things would go further. For video calling I still prefer Google Duo a thousand times.

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