Do you listen to music and podcasts on YouTube? Get ready to receive new advertisements

YouTube Audio Advertising

YouTube remains by far the largest video sharing platform today, with large millions of daily active users. However, not all of them spend their time actually watching videos on YouTube.

Realizing that many users use its platform to listen to music and podcasts in the “background”, the company has now announced the arrival of a new advertising format. This new format will serve not only to help brands get their message across, but also to get users advertising that makes sense in any situation.

Many of the advertisements that are currently broadcast on YouTube, need to be visually supported to make sense. In this case, YouTube explains: “Think: if I close my eyes, they will still be able to understand clearly what is transmitted in this ad“.

YouTube Audio Advertising

User experience across content types is YouTube’s top priority

Over the years, YouTube has managed to maintain exponential growth that, in addition to increasing in volume, has also grown in the variety of content it presents.

Nowadays, it is impossible to characterize the Google platform with a single type of main content. Among the vast millions of videos available, you’ll find a variety of incredible content. Among podcasts, music covers, reaction videos, vlogs, experiences and so many other types of content, it is difficult to guarantee the best experience possible in all situations.

Although many users do not like to be bombarded with advertising, this is a necessary asset. Therefore, what the company does is try to make the advertising experience as pleasant as possible, adapting the advertising formats specifically to each type of content.

For those who don’t really want to “take” with advertising on YouTube, they can always opt for the subscription premium which has a monthly cost of € 8.49 / month.

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