Do you have an older Android device? Be careful what you install!


According to the British security company Which? there are more than a billion Android devices extremely vulnerable to attack. This is due to the fragmentation of the Android operating system, whose older versions do not receive important updates from Google.

Of course, it is not new that Android devices become almost obsolete when it comes to updates after about 3-4 years. However, this is yet another indication of the problem that has haunted Android since the beginning: the poor distribution of the operating system.

A Which? points out that any equipment running Android Nougat (7.0) or earlier is at serious security risk. The latest updates from Google only covered equipment with Android 10, 9 and 8, with old versions being completely left out.

What was the last update you received?

Equipment without updates will not have effective security

A Which? details that without updates, equipment is easily hacked, leading users to be victims of all types of virtual attacks such as data theft, installation of malware and all kinds of harmful software.

The older the phone, the worse the situation. A Which? mentioned that equipment from 2012, still running Android 4 or earlier versions are the most vulnerable. However, most users no longer have such old equipment, not least because they are obsolete in terms of hardware.

Even so, as mentioned, Android Nougat phones are at risk. A Which? recommends anyone with older Android devices not to install any apps outside the Google Play Store or open suspicious links. Additionally, it is recommended to install a mobile antivirus.

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