Do you have an electric car? Google Maps will solve a big problem

Do you have an electric car? Google Maps will solve a big problem

If in a car with a combustion engine, users just have to look for a fuel station, in an electric vehicle that is a more complicated matter. It is in this sense that comes the big news in Google Maps.

Brands like Tesla, Nissan or BMW use different connectors to charge their vehicles. Once you have enabled searching for charging stations, Google Maps will now allow you to filter these results based on the type of outlets that are available.

Google Maps
You will be able to see which charging stations you have interested. Credit: Android Police

In this sense, as soon as you search for charging stations on Google, you will be presented with a new menu. In it you'll be able to tell Google Maps what type of socket you want to search.

With this new feature comes the need to tailor Google Maps to your preferences. It is in this sense that the 'Definitions of electric vehicles' emerge. You will be able to choose which type of sockets you prefer.

Google Maps
Set your preference shots. Credit: Android Police

It should be remembered that there are already other applications that do this, and are now used by those who have electric vehicles. However, seeing this feature reach Maps is great for anyone who wants to use just one app to reach their intended destination.

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