Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S20? You have more reason to use the Google duo!

Samsung Galaxy S20

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra have more reason to smile in a Google Duo video call. This is because they just received a new feature that only Google Pixel users had.

The new functionality makes the Google Duo even more intelligent. The feature is called “Auto-framing” and what it does is follow your body in a video call. Let me explain.

How Google Duo functionality works on Samsung Galaxy S20

In the video above you can understand in the best possible way. After activating the feature, you don’t really need to be in front of the equipment in a video call.

The feature takes advantage of the smartphone’s cameras to follow you wherever you go. Of course, like everything, there are limitations. That is, the smartphone cannot follow you in 360º. Instead, take advantage of the wide-angle camera if you move further to the side and zoom in when you are further away from the camera.

Smartphones compatible with Google Duo functionality

Samsung Galaxy S20

Right now, as I mentioned above, only the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 + and S20 Ultra are compatible with the new functionality. However, it is expected that the new Galaxy Note will also receive the feature.

As far as we can see, this is an update via server. Therefore, confirm that you have the updated phone and the application as well. After that, we can only hope to find the functionality in the App settings.

Google Duo is probably the best application for video calls. Therefore, if you still use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you really have to give Google Duo a chance. The call connection is better, the image is better and, above all, the sound quality is much better.

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