Do you have a Google Chromecast and use Spotify? The functionality you’ve been waiting for has arrived!

Google Chromecast Spotify

Spotify has finally brought better integration with Google Chromecast. Until now, listening to Spotify music on Chromecast was no easy task.

Even if possible, you had to “order” Google Assistant to play Spotify from the TV in order to get the music on TV or go to your phone and pray that the Chromecast option was there. However, no more feints are needed.

Google Chromecast and Spotify have direct connection

Google Chromecast Spotify

With the latest news, Google Chromecast will appear in Spotify's list of options. That is, in the lower right corner of the Spotify application (whether on a PC or mobile phone), you have the possibility to choose which equipment you want to listen to the music on. Now you will also have the option of Google Chromecast that are connected on the same network.

Still, the functionality is still not perfect. At least on my side. Even with some Google Chromecast at home, my Spotify App still doesn't show that possibility.

In other words, the feature arrived however, it is not perfect. Even so, it is good to see that Spotify does not ignore their possibilities when it comes to “competitive” devices.

Spotify is one of the most used applications in the world because you don't need a Premium version to have an excellent quality of service.

It should also be noted that its music library is much wider than any other direct competitor. As a Spotify Premium user, I believe that there is still room for improvement, especially when we want to know new songs, however, all of this is a process and we cannot want everything at once. For now I have the connection with Google Chromecast.

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