Do we finally have a definitive title for the Snyder Cut?

Do we finally have a definitive title for the Snyder Cut?

The renewed Justice League

Few stories are more bizarre than that of The Justice League. The film, released in 2017, under enormous expectation, turned out to be quite a disappointment both for the followers (many of them were very unhappy with what they saw) and for the production company itself, which did not raise, by far, what it had planned.

What went so wrong in a movie destined for success like this one made up of DC Comics superheroes? Apparently, the lack of the director, Zack snyder, in post-production on the tape. Snyder had to leave the project halfway through a personal matter (which some still believe was a disagreement with the production company) and Josh Weedon took over, directing a ship that no longer accepted another captain. The result was a story that was not being told as its original director intended and that led to a low-key premiere at the box office.

The fans however have never lost hope. They knew that there was a version of the director, baptized as Snyder Cut, and for a long time they have been asking for this edition to see the light. Until this was finally announced: HBO Max would take care of cast director’s cut of The Justice League, allowing everyone to see the movie that the director always wanted to release in 2017 and never could.

But what will this new version be called?

Justice League: Director’s Cut

Until now we have always referred to this new version of the film as “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” (or Zack Snyder’s Justice League in English) or the “Snyder Cut”, which were the two ways we always saw referenced the expected version.

However, a new official poster has just put us on the trail of what its final official name will be. On the occasion of the DC Fandome, several official images have been released, including the one you see below these lines. It is a black and white montage that was already used by HBO Max (the platform on which the title will be released) when it announced its broadcast and in which you could read “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” Now however the same image is being shared with a new sign: Justice League: Director’s Cut.

Justice League - Director

It is necessary to have, of course, the confirmation of Warner Bros. to ensure that this is finally the official title, but it is the least suspicious that that image has been shared with said change if it is not because it has been decided that it is its final name. Hopefully soon the distributor or HBO itself will get us out of doubts.


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