Home Tablets DJI is about to launch an FPV racing drone

DJI is about to launch an FPV racing drone

DJI is about to launch an FPV racing drone

DJI is the biggest drone company of the moment. The Chinese company was able to gain reputation and simply defeat brands like GoPro or Parrot.

However, there is an industry where DJI is not that strong. We're talking about FPV (first person view) drones intended for racing. Drones that value image and build quality less and are better tuned at higher speeds and faster transitions.


DJI FPV Air Unit was registered with FCC

A drone named "DJI FPV Air Unit" has been registered with the FCC. Whenever a product goes through the FCC it is almost guaranteed to be on the market. Therefore, it should not be long until we have more information about this new drone.

These gadgets are increasingly fashionable. Not just typical shooting drones but racing with FPV gadgets. DJI lacks a prominent place in this new sector and it seems that such a gap will cease to exist. Here is a video of this kind of drone race.

Unfortunately we don't have drone specifications or details yet, but you can imagine a much smaller drone than the ones that have been released with stunning speed capabilities. This drone will come with some glasses where users can see in detail the path that the little gadget is taking.

More and more companies are hiring people who are skilled at advertising. See these 3 examples and you will realize their potentiality. Not only for racing but also as a shooting tool. Also because this type of drone is much more agile than those we are used to seeing in the sky.

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