Disney has announced that it will charge the absurd $ 30 to its Disney + subscribers for the remake of Mulan. This will be a remake in live-action of the original 1998 animated film. So, in addition to the $ 6.99 subscription, users will have to “burn” another $ 30 for one film only.

Given that Disney has been remaking real actors from its classic films, this situation is unlikely to remain with Mulan. Most users will not like that within the subscription package, they still have to pay extra for certain content.

As if the range of subscription services on the market were not enough, Disney + is still adding more “salt in the wound”. However, it is easy to understand the logic of Disney, to make this absurd proposal to its users.


Mulan will debut at Disney + and cinema

On September 4, the remake of Mulan will debut not only at Disney + but also in theaters. However, in the United States, cinemas remain closed. In Europe and other markets, the film will be available in theaters.

So Disney is basically finding a way to make a recent movie available on its platform. Typically, a movie spends a few weeks playing before being made available on Blu-Ray or online platforms. It’s a high-risk move by Disney, actually, and we’ll see how it goes.

The truth is that most families, “stuck” at home, are likely to pay $ 30 to see the movie. In large families, you will even save on the cost of tickets. And popcorn. Disney + arrives in UK on September 15th for € 6.99 per month.

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