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Disney falls: Mulan retired and Avatar 2 and Star Wars delayed

Mulan, the heroine that never comes

We’ve been hearing about the new Mulan long time. The film was a new foray into the world of Disney action movies, a “format” that never ceases to give joy to the company of the mouse and that of course does not want to stop exploding. In this way, the great Chinese warrior was going to make the leap of animation into the flesh and blood world with a great production starring Yifei Liu (The forbidden kingdom) and with Niki Caro (In the land of men) in charge of its direction.

We have seen promotional images, more than one trailer, a release date has been given … and then a pandemic exploded. He coronovarius it expanded worldwide and led to the quarantine decree in many countries and the closure of numerous establishments, including movie theaters. Now that it seems that things are slightly more controlled -well, to say the least-, certain businesses have been able to start their activity again, however, many others have been forced to remain closed, either due to the situation in their region (where COVID is still generating too many outbreaks) or because the conditions to function imply the gathering of many people.


And precisely these two conditions are those that occur in the cinemas of one of the most important markets in the world: the USA. The situation in the country keeps the business closed, which has caused distributors to start delaying their projects indefinitely.

Disney had not yet spoken out regarding Mulan, that it was originally going to be released on March 27; then he moved in late July, to leave after Tenet, and then to August 21 in a last desperate move. But given the situation, she has been forced to finally do it and postpone the film. indefinitely. There is therefore no date at the moment for the release of Mulan, which is delayed until a new order.

This fuels again the voices that bet on skip the billboard and go directly to the payment per download or its distribution on its content platform. It was already discussed with the avenging film Black Widow, something that Disney has always refused, but given the situation it could well do as Artemis Fowl and end up going through the ring of a digital launch.

Star Wars and Avatar also work for the long haul

Movie premieres are one thing … and projects under development are another. Making certain films in many cases involves a large budget and a lot of work time (we are talking about years between preparation, filming, post-production …), so Disney has also been forced to move certain jobs that, seen, already know that they will not be able to leave in 2021.


We talk first of all about the aftermath of Avatar. The second part of the James Cameron movie was going to arrive next year, but they have already accepted that it cannot be so. in this way, they have moved the premiere of the film to 2022 and its successive parts (there are up to 4 films) every two years until 2028. This is the agenda:

  • Avatar 2 (December 16, 2022)
  • Avatar 3 (December 20, 2024)
  • Avatar 4 (December 18, 2026)
  • Avatar 5 (December 22, 2028)

As for the new era of Star Wars, there are also changes, of course. The long-awaited project to be directed by Taika Waititi was scheduled for 2022 but has been officially moved to December 2023. Two other films that would equally fit within the franchise have also been postponed, with new dates for December 2025 and 2027. Wow. disorder.

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