Disney +, the new content service is here

Disney + premiered in mid-November 2019 in just five countries. The United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand were the markets chosen for the first foray of this new service that came directly from one of the largest factories in the world. Disney was betting this way to get into the world of platforms content on demand, a sector in which Netflix has camped at ease for years, accompanied by HBO, Amazon Prime and other similar services.

Disney +

The bet was firm: to offer all the contents that it has, which are not few, in an online catalog that can be accessed from home whenever you want in exchange for a monthly fee. The kind of deal In this case it has an important advantage: in addition to all the “Disney proposals” that we already know, on the platform we will find all the films of universes as large as that of Marvel or Star Wars as well as endless documentaries of what the firm also owns.

And this is only the beginning: the company is already working to generate new and original content and the series The Mandalorian It is a good example of what can be done with the support of Disney +.

Questions and answers about the service

Some important questions to keep in mind about functioning of the Disney + service you need to know.

Disney + Availability

Disney + premiered in November 2019 in a few selected countries (the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand) in what is considered the first round of release.

The second round occurs on March 24, 2020 with 7 countries on the list: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and UK. France was also in this selection, but was finally delayed by the government of the Gallic region due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Other western European countries such as Belgium, the Nordic countries and Portugal will receive the service throughout the summer of 2020.

How much does Disney + cost?

For its launch, Disney has been offering a subscription offer for its only available one-year plan for 59.99 euros (but ended yesterday, March 23). Starting today and until further notice, the service has an annual price of 69.99 euros and monthly of 6.99 euros.

Free trial period

Disney + does have a free trial period, although not as extensive as other platforms. You can try it at no cost during 7 days.

Disney plus

Profiles and simultaneous plays supported

You can create up to seven profiles with a single subscription. Of course, simultaneous playback only supports 4 devices different watching 4 different contents.

Quality of content

You can view the Disney content + resolution 4K Ultra HD and with HDR support.

Is it possible to download the contents to see them offline?

Yes, you can download all the contents of the catalog to enjoy them offline.

Disney plus

Series seasons: entire or by episodes?

It will depend on the content to be broadcast, although for the moment, the original series of the company will follow a launch strategy based on the weekly dosage of the episodes: the new chapters of their own productions will always be available on the service. Fridays at 9:00 a.m.

How can you see Disney +: compatible devices

You can access practically from any platform you use:

  • Web browser or app compatible with iOS (on iPhone and iPad), Android (phones and tablets) and the Amazon Fire tablet
  • Smart TV (models with Android Tv, Smart TVs with LG WebOS and Smart TVs with Samsung Tizen)
  • Connected TVs and streaming devices (Amazon Fire TV, Apple AirPlay, Apple TV (4th generation onwards), Chromebook, and Chromecast.
  • Consoles (PS4 and Xbox One)

How many titles are available on the platform?

It is very difficult to quantify absolutely everything (in addition to not being a very relevant fact either), but keep this data: in its premiere in UK, Disney + puts more than 500 films, 300 series and 25 Disney + on a tray Originals exclusive.

Complete catalog of Disney +

You have below the entire Disney + catalog, organized by categories (according to the firm or franchise: Disney, Star Wars, Marvel …) and within each one by type of content (film, series, documentary …). Of course, within each section they are in turn arranged alphabetically.

Disney plus

To make it easier for you to consult all the available content, we leave you the following diagram:


Movies | Series | Shorts | Specials


Movies | Short


Movies | Series

Star wars

Movies | Series | Specials

National Geographic

Movies | Series | Specials


Movies | Series | Short


Movies | Series | Specials

Disney +


The Disney movie catalog is much bigger than you can imagine. There are many films that you probably have not seen as well as releases even of 50s (as is the case of the first Alice in Wonderland) that can also be viewed on the platform.

Break Ralph !, 01 Dalmatians, Aladdin, Big Hero 6, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Chronicles of Narnia, Zootropolis… The list is really impressive, not only of films like those mentioned; also from TV series, very popular on the house channels and which also now carry the platform’s premiere.

Ralph breaks



Below you have all the Disney series, with the seasons available and, in brackets, the year (YR) and the episodes (EPS) of each of them. As you will see, the titles are very varied, including even series versions of movies known as Big Hero 6 -example precisely in the video that you have under these lines.


Between film and series, Disney has also always made time for short films. And it is not a thing of now: it turns out that the firm has been doing them since the 1920s, which is said soon. Among the large list of available proposals you will find for example Botero Willie (Stteamboar Willie), a rather special animated short film released on November 18, 1928. It is the third Mickey movie but the first one distributed by Walt Disney. Walt Disney himself along with Ub Iwerks was in charge of its direction and its characters are considered the official debut of Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie (despite the fact that both characters had already appeared months earlier in the short film. Plane Crazy (Crazy about planes), which has not been included in the catalog, by the way). Cinema history, go.


Within the Disney segment we also have three special which are classified separately by their “special” nature: