When Rockstar published the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, we could verify that the game was at another level compared to the rest of the games on the market. The setting, details and graphic level looked spectacular, however, everything reached a new level when the game went on sale, since we could verify that the game hid spectacular details to each more peculiar. But if you thought you saw everything, wait to see this new discovery.

Arthur Morgan’s pupils

Red Dead Online Missions

A user of Reddit He has shared a series of screenshots of the game to show that the perfection of the developers when it comes to controlling all the details of the game reaches unsuspected levels. As the user comments ChanDanGreen99, the pupils of Arthur Morgan they react to the light according to the scene that is being shown in the game, since the attached captures show that in the dark the pupils are dilated to be able to see better.

Red Dead Redemption 2 pupils

This is obviously an aesthetic detail that has nothing to do with the gameplay (they appear in kinematics, in fact), but it once again demonstrates that the game has a series of peculiarities that demonstrate the care and excellent work that designers have done in its development

Other curiosities of Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is full of spectacular details that allow you to have a life of your own. In addition to the extensive wildlife and landscape elements, the interaction with everything around us makes the game come alive. So, for example, at the time of hunt an animal, in the case that we leave it on the ground without skinning it, the body will remain in the same place for days until such a point of seeing the whole process of decomposition.

When interacting with other characters and enemies we will also live curious situations, since, in a confrontation, the enemies will react in different ways depending on the part of the body we are shooting at. Not to mention the grudge that campmates will keep in case you have a confrontation with them.

The way in which snow accumulates on the ground and on the horse, or how it changes when stepped on it is one of the things that attract the most attention in the game, although possibly the most peculiar thing revolves around your horse, since there are thousands of details that revolve around how he does his needs, how he responds to your touch or … how you change his testicles according to the ambient temperature.

That said, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game full of details.