Discord: Screen sharing finally arrives on Android and iOS

Discord: Screen sharing finally arrives on Android and iOS

A few years ago, Discord delighted many users by making it possible to share screens on their client for computers, but now finally meets the most common request, allowing the same in the smartphone application.

This feature is being made available today, with Discord officials predicting it will reach everyone who has the app installed on their Android and iOS phone by the end of the day.

Discord bets strongly on the application for Android and iOS

Everything works the same way, that is, just open the application on your Android or iOS device and share everything you are doing on your smartphone.

There are several scenarios in which this can be especially useful, such as, for example, detecting some technical difficulty.

However, Discord is widely used by video game fans, so the possibilities are endless, from streaming to the joint viewing of content on YouTube.

You should always bear in mind, however, that some applications, such as Netflix, do not allow screen sharing or recording, so you will have to choose other account sharing methods.

Screen sharing with some limitations

Discord is also keen to highlight some limitations to this functionality on mobile platforms, such as the fact that it allows only 50 viewers at the same time, with no limit on the number of people who can share their screens on the same channel.

Furthermore, screen sharing will not be possible via the tablet for now, but it was promised that, in the near future, this will also be a reality.

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