PlayStation 5 arrived in UK last week. At that time it was available globally, and it is not surprising that there are problems with some units.

From what has been reported by some players on forums like Reddit, there is an issue that affects some PS5 drives with discs. In short, the players claim that the disc starts to rotate without any reason for that.

Listening to the disc spin is something that normally happens when the console tries to access it. For example, when you turn on the console and open a game that is on disk. But it is not this behavior that these players report.

Disc on PS5 runs even when players play another title or watch Netflix

“I have the Ghost of Tsushima disc on my PS5 now, and it runs even if I’m playing Spider-Man or Demon’s Souls. I can understand that you need to check that the disc is there, but you certainly don’t need to rotate it so quickly / loudly for this to happen, it can be read on Reddit.


In other words, this happens to whoever, for example, is playing a digital title that has nothing to do with the subject. And other players report that the same thing happened while wandering around Settings or watching something on Netflix.

This affects several players, who are forced to remove the disc at the end of a session with a certain title. The problem should not remain unresolved, and it is hoped that Sony will soon be able to release an update that will bring everything back to normal. As you can read on Reddit, several players are reporting the same situation.

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